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"Why be tactical when you can be tacticool"


Tacticool is one of the common skin series in R2DA that can be found within a select range of weapons. Back when Silverback and Dark Iron were prominent, this was considered the "selective" skin as it cost the user Robux to buy.

It mainly features the colour palette of black and white (or grey for some skins), monochrome styled.


  • This used to be 50R$ for Wingmaster in a gamepass before it was moved into the Skincrate.
    • The CK Swat gamepass also includes the Tacticool skin, the only other gamepass with a Skincrate skin.
      • This was thus the first skin to be offered for Robux.
  • Not to be confused with the Tactical skin for the Axe as it has a different colour scheme.
Colt Python - Tacticool.png
Spas - Tacticool.png
Thompson Tacticool.png
CK Swat Tacticool.png
AMDmaker (3).png
Colt Python Wingmaster 870 Spas-12 M1A1 Thompson CK Swat Peacemaker
Karambit - Tacticool.png
P90 - Tacticool.png
Winc tactiool icon.png
Barrett 50 Cal. - Tacticool.png
Tri-Blaster - Tacticool.png
Chinalake - Tacticool.png
Karambit P90 Winchester Barrett 50 Cal. Tri-Blaster Chinalake
M1 Garand - Tacticool.png
FAL - Tacticool.png
MP5 - Tacticool.png
TEC-9 - Tacticool.png
AK-47 - Tacticool.png
MAC-10 - Tacticool.png
M1 Garand FAL MP5 TEC-9 AK-47 MAC-10