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"BOOM! Just like that, those rocks are out of our way! Man, I love TNT."


The TNT is an item meant for the Caved In Campaign mode.

By picking them up around the map, you can blow up a passage to get yourself some Supplies.

Background Story

Considering that you are in a cave, it's not that odd to see TNT laying about. Excavating can be extremely tedious to do and throwing a couple of explosives will easily lighten the workload.

Although, it doesn't really look like this cave is used for mining minerals. What exactly was this place used for?


  • Try and get some survivors to help you find some TNT. The faster you find them, the faster you can blow up the rocks.
  • To blow up the TNT, use the trigger box.
    • The explosion will hurt you and being too close will likely kill you.
      • Using the Flakvest can protect you from the explosion.


  • This is a returning item from R2D 2014 and is pretty much a carbon copy of it.
  • You get 15$ for putting the TNT in the TNT Box.
  • This can be found in the ROBLOX catalog as the Bundle of TNT.