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"Rat Man robs the cheese store with a tec-9: THE MOVIE"
―Rat man


The TEC-9 is a secondary machine pistol with weak range, decent accuracy and decent damage made mainly for close range combat.

Background Story

Three decades ago in Sweden, a man laid down on a street in Stockholm, left to rot by society. He went by the alias 'Rat Man', his real name a mystery.

His life up to this moment had been nothing but hardship. He was out of a job, and lost almost all of his money due to a very messy divorce from his former wife, followed by a lawsuit against him for something he didn't do. Consequently, he was unable to continue paying rent for his apartment and was evicted and forced to live off of scraps on the sidewalk. Rat Man's world was on fire. He longed for the day when he could finally exact revenge against the way of the world, the time when all of his troubles would vanish in a flash.

That come soon enough. The solution was as clear as day: a gun. Rat Man figured that he would be able to get somewhere with a gun and the whole fear factor surrounding one. Having previously been a mechanic and budding enthusiast in other forms of engineering, his inventive mind soon began to brainstorm.

A functioning replica of a prototype gun known as the TEC-9 ended up being the fruit of days of tinkering; in his little makeshift cardboard house, he pieced together this humble pistol out of scrap parts from a junkyard, one that also reminded him of the M93R. At long last, the wheels were now in motion for what was to come next.

He put on a crudely-fashioned paper bag mask and went on his way to hunt down those who had wronged him. After he was done, he fled to Canada and met an arms collector in some Ghetto. After much persistence, he sold the man his designs for the TEC-9 for around $2,400, but it wouldn't be until decades later that the collector would take them seriously.

Rat Man would go on to commit several crime sprees, plundering businesses of their 'cheese' with his trusty TEC-9, eventually gaining a large enough reputation in the world of crime to form the 'Cheese Mafia'. His meticulous gunplay with the TEC-9 even earned the respect of big-shot mobsters in Kingstreet. He had finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel, and was now able to rest easy.

Fast forward back to the present, and the world is now ravaged by a pandemic of the zombie-making SANI virus. R-Brain Hardwork searched far and wide for even the tiniest speck of information on the legendary Rat Man's gun, interested in its power. While the man himself was nowhere to be found, they were approached by an aging man one day, claiming to have met with him, and low and behold, he produced the same blueprints he had received all those years ago.

Rat Man's legacy now lives on in the form of mass-produced, reliable armaments readily available for survivors to use in the fight to retake the planet.


  • This weapon is recommended for close range maps or weak infecteds such as, Normal Zombie and Edgar.
  • The Conversion Kit is recommended if you can't manage a semi-auto weapon.


  • Automatic (Conversion)
  • High DPS


  • Expensive
  • Low Range
  • Low Reserve Ammo



  • v1.5.2a
    • Accuracy changed from 100 to 125.
  • v1.5.3
    • Damage changed from 32 to 35.

  • The TEC-9 was the final weapon to be added to R2DA, as well as the final secondary weapon, before the game's discontinuation.
  • First Swedish Gun in R2DA
  • The Intratec Tec-9 wasn't originally meant to be a full auto pistol. However due to the open-bolt mechanism, it allows gang members and criminals to modify the pistol, making it ideal in shootouts and drive-bys. This weapon was soon listed in the 1994 Federal Weapons Ban. This forced the company to create a closed-bolt version, but the Tec-9 can no longer be found in stores.
  • Originally the conversion kit reduced 50% of the accuracy when it had 100 accuracy since at the time it was -50, however it has been tweaked to reduce -40 accuracy, now lowering the now present 125 accuracy to 85 when applied.