"The virgin Miami Pursuit.
The chad Synthwave."


Synthwave is one of the common skin series in R2DA that can be found within Premium Skincrates.

The colour palette prominently features light blue, purple and black. Rays of lighter purple can be seen in contrast to the darker purple.


  • This was originally called Retro prior to being renamed to Synthwave in v1.3.8b.
    • This skin was called Neon Rider while in development.
    • The name Retro eventually went to another skin.
  • Several references were used to make the skin, including;
    • CS:GO's Neon Rider skin collection.
    • Killing Floor 2's Synthwave skin.
    • Hotline Miami's aesthetic.
  • The skin also performs some sort of an illusion by panning your camera left or right while looking at the landscape, an example found here.
AK-47 - Synthwave.png
DB Shotgun - Synthwave.png
FAMAS - Synthwave.png
FATAL5 - Synthwave.png
HK416 - Synthwave.png
P90 - Synthwave.png
AK-47 DB Shotgun Famas FATAL5 HK416 P90
SCAR-H - Synthwave.png
Steyr M - Synthwave.png
Winc - synthwave icon.png
M16A1 - Synthwave.png
Mini Uzis - Synthwave.png
Barrett 50 Cal. - Synthwave.png
SCAR-H Steyr M Winchester M16A1 Mini Uzis Barrett 50 Cal.

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