"You know that Hollow man, waiting for you on top of the Staircase with his Uchigatana. Yeah.. "
―Unkindle one


Purchasing the Swordmaster attachment will change your idle animation of the Katana. It will only affect you cosmetically, like the Rebel Pose.

Background Story

Although most were satisfied by using the Katana without training, a small fee allowed those who wished to wield the weapon in a slightly more refined fashion to get what they wanted.


  • Like the other two Katana animations, using this will increase the delay before you can attack again.
    • If you are more on combat be sure to unequip this.
    • This can be useful if you don't want to run out of stamina as quickly.
  • It has a slightly longer range for the first swing in exchange for the slower swing rate.
    • However, compared to the other animations, this has the faster swing rate.


  • This is part of a series of animations for the Katana.

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