"According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyways. Because bees don't care what humans think is impossible. Humans thought the same thing too for the zombie apocalpyse. Zombies don't care about whats impossible, and now they're teaming up with the bees. The humans are just in shock at the many impossible feats happening before them."

Walther's Notes - Restored

This note was found covered in honey, inside a beehive. Through careful restoration, this has been rewritten though conjecture.

Of all my time fighting beasts with clubs, long-tongue freaks and even burning to electrifying anomalies, nothing has ever prepared our convoy for what's to come in the dead of night. Assuming to be a nearby bee's nest in this neck of the woods, we took little notice; only for the buzzing to intensify as it drew closer and closer, until finally coming face to face with a Beekeeper with irregularly sticky honey covering parts of its former uniform with a shattered hive on its mesh-like head, housing a swarm of bees that had considered this thing their home. It still echoes in my mind as it drove our convoy into panic with not just itself in the fray, but also its little henchmen that would bring a world of pain in-defense to its apparent master. My only concern is the worst is still yet to come the more we uncover more of these abominations...


This "thing" is just a simple bee keeper, what else do you need other than a helpful bee keeper? Of course, we may never know what's behind that strange mask of his.

Or it could have been another universe that had perished to the SANI Virus... Dark forces collaborate.

Background Story

In the years prior to the apocalypse, bee population dwindled due to climate change, habitat loss, and diseases, making modern beekeeping much more important. It was estimated two years before society's downfall that beekeeping made up roughly 5% of the American economy and employed over 250 000 people.

Due to an estimated 98% of the world population being infected, it is theorised that a significant amount of infected would have been in close proximity to beehives for months, creating the possibility of the SANI evolving to take advantage of its vulnerable surroundings. Bees are naturally smart animals - they learn and recall things quite well. If infected, their brain power could be used to quickly and stealthily spread the virus.

The reasoning for all Swarmers to be wearing their beekeeping suit is likely a result of it being better suited for a hive. Infected bees dig in to the suit, and have a spacious interior ready for their queen. These extremely peculiar infected may be fragile, due to minimal protection provided by the suit and the fragile hives they contain, but the toxic, slowing honey and tiny stinging bees are nothing to be trifled with.


PC Gamepad Tablet Description
RTrigger XboxButton
Throw Honey: Swarmer will throw honey that deal 15 damage and will make the survivor unable to sprint. Consumes 30 energy.
LMB Hold
RTriggerHold XboxButton
Beehive: Swarmer will throw a beehive with bees, dealing 2-3 dps whoever get close. Consumes 30 energy.
Hold Shift
Run Control
Sprint: Temporarily increases your walkspeed to 30 regardless of your former speed. This skill is disabled if your Speed statistic exceeds 30. Consumes 20 energy per second.
Claw (Passive): On touch, Swarmer will do a basic claw attack that deal 10 damage.



Kill this zombie to avoid losing your teammates. By ambusing them and losing hp to their beehives.

Stand still to avoid being stunned by bees. There is a chance to be stunned regardless.


Try to avoid gunfire and try to ambush survivors as your honey slows them down. While this is happening throw your beehive at them. If possible try tossing your bee hive in a group of surrivors as they'll lose a portion of their hp.


  • Second community submitted zombie, after the Digger.
  • This took just under a year to be implemented into R2DA.
    • This is the original thread of the Swarmer.
  • Second zombie with 0% spawnrate, first being Stalker.

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