Survival is a Gamemode in which you fight zombies for ten minutes.

It was the first ever Gamemode to be added until it was split into two, Survival and Rescue.


  • When bringing the Minigun, it's advised to equip the Bandolier due to the long time limit.
  • Defibrillators are recommended on this Gamemode.
  • Try to get to Supply Boxes first before anyone else takes them.
  • You can easily run through Ammo Stations if you aren't careful.
    • Armors that give lots of health and mags are recommended for this gamemode.


  • Previously, you survived for as long as you can.
  • Bouri Rig 71 and Caved In are the only maps that have not supported Survival at any point in time.
    • XelPixels HQ is the only other non-event map to not technically support Survival, but it was removed before Original Survival was split.
  • During v0.9.2, 1930's Kingstreet lost Survival for an unknown reason.
    • A similar thing happened at v1.1.0, when Farmhouse and Blackfield Station lost Survival, however it can be deduced it was removed to promote the Campaign mode for these maps.
  • Survival used to be an exclusive gamemode at the same time Hard became Exclusive but became Non-Exclusive after v0.8.2.
  • A Survival round of the Void can be considered a Survival Unlimited round as there isn't really a Winscreen.

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