Supply Boxes (commonly referred to as supply kits, health kits, health boxes, etc.) are a returning feature from older games in the R2D series, which are placed in set spots in maps. Items provided are free but are obviously limited.

Items that could possibly spawn inside these boxes include:

These boxes contain 2 of the above items, regardless of whether they are the same or different.


Locations are set and will never change. Whether Supply Boxes appear or not depends on the Gamemode itself.

If you want a closer look, click on the photo itself. Most of the time these photos are larger than what this table will allow.

1930's Kingstreet Eight
KS Layout
Panama Beach One
PB Layout
Mogadishu Transit Five
Moga Transit Supply Boxes Locations
Foxriver Prison Three
FP Layout
Terminal Decay Eight
Term Decay Boxes
Bouri Rig 71 Five
Casius Outpost Seven
CO Layout
Victoria Harbor Eight
A Winter Wonderland Five
WW Layout-1
Café County Four
Cafe County
The Complex Four
The Complex Supply Boxes Locations
No Mercy Four
NM Layout-0
Shoot'em Up Town Four
RobloxScreenShot06032017 130703220
Farmhouse Four
Farm House(withoutspellingmisktake)
Zero Kelvin Station Eight
Zero Kelvin Station Boxes
Last Harvest Two
LH Layout
S.S. Boliviar Five
S.S. Boliviar boxs
Tokyo, Japan Six
Blackfield Station Five
Blackfield Station
Stud Harvest II Six
Stud Harvest II supply boxes
Blox Harbor Five
Bloxtrot supply
Portland Ten
Missing guy
Campfire Chaos Four
Campfire Chaos Supply boxes
New Bloxcoast II Five
NewPortland Suply2
Trick O' Threat Town Two
Caved In Three
M.S Antares Four
Sunny Seaside Three
Subway Five
Toy Factory Three
Outpost 21 Six
Dead Plaza II Four
Missing guy
Sewers Five
Outskirts Seventeen


  • If you are spawned into a map with an applicable mode, chances are it will be a race to get to Supply Boxes.
    • Plan a route, try to get to ones that are secluded first or less known.
  • Remember that you can't get more than 2 of the same items.
    • If this happens, either leave an item for another player to pick up or use your first one.
  • Even if they are closed, you can still grab items that haven't been picked up in a box that is closed.
    • This, of course, is provided that the box was opened before.
  • Supply Boxes will not load in on the following common Gamemodes.


  • The model used for the Supply Box has been around since the first game.
  • Supply Boxes used to have a chance to give a Pipebomb to players.

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