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"Ah yes, supplies! My favourite thing in the entire world are supplies. Can't survive a day without them. It'd be helpful if I knew what they were specifically though."


Supplies are part of the Caved In, Sewers & The Port Campaign mode. In Caved In, after you blow the rocks up using TNT, you enter a storage room. With teammates, you have to six Supplies before you are allowed to progress to the Boat. In Sewers, you gather eight Supplies once the Helicopter has arrived.

Background Story

Considering that you are in a cave, it's odd to see that there's suddenly a warehouse. There's no doors, no ventilation systems and nowhere else to go besides that hole you just blew up.

Really now, this place was barricaded for a reason. You don't have the time to think about that though.

Also take note that you were here before. Gathering Supplies in a sewer, just to feed the Helicopter pilot. You just need it for yourself this time. Perhaps gather less to save time?


  • Split up with your team to find the Supplies. The more people scavenging the area, the faster you can get out.
  • The Tag Objective tool from the In-Game Store can aid you in helping find those supplies.
  • You need to pick up six Supplies to trigger the Boat countdown or eight to activate the Flare pickup. Six or eight of the items are randomly chosen from this list (repeats can occur). They are:
    • A radio
    • A game console
    • A can of beans
    • A handbasket
    • A water bottle (Missing Texture)
    • A watch
    • A compass
    • A soda bottle
    • An Uber Soda can
    • A pair of binoculars
    • A ham
  • Supplies spawn on zombie spawnpoints in Sewers. Try to get those inside the sewers first before moving outside.
  • In Sewers, you get 25$ for every Supply you get.