"Thanos didn't see this coming"


Supernova is one of the common skin series in R2DA that can be found within Skincrates.

This is a purple cosmic skin with a texture resembling space and massive stars after their life is over. Sports many different shades of purple and magenta around the body, barrels and even on the magazine.


Luger P08 - Supernova.png
Karambit - Supernova.png
Katana - SuperNova.png
Scar - SuperNova.png
Spas - Supernova.png
AK47 - Supernova.png
Luger P08 Karambit Katana SCAR-H Spas-12 AK-47
Barret Supernova.png
R700 - Supernova.png
Chinalake - Supernova.png
Barrett 50 Cal. Remington 700 Chinalake

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