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Sunny Seaside

"You're far from home buddy"


Sunny Seaside is a remake of a Reason 2 Die map from 2012. By the Norwegian flag on one of the buildings, this is set in the Norwegian Sea.

Background Story

Many survivors look to the desolate seas to find some safety in the apocalypse, but often forget that other survivors likely had the same idea before them.

One of the places most often visited is a tiny Norwegian base named as "Sunny Seaside". Norway's relatively low population compared to other modern countries, as well as the aforementioned location of the base, made it a prime example of what you could call an attractive, "safe" place to travel, but in reality, it's more akin to a tourist trap.

It is extremely small and has been occupied by dozens of survivors over the years, often with ill-fated results. Thus, all those who choose to go there nowadays often find themselves cornered, with help miles away, stranded in the ocean. Sunny Seaside's name does not fit it at all.

Maybe it was a tourist attraction.


The visual design is akin to that of Blox Harbor. This is quite a small complex with two buildings, wooden decks, and other miscellaneous structures. It is shaped like a square, meaning rotation is key on this map. With no significant camping spots, constant movement is recommended.


  • Rotate the map as much as possible, as you can get easily trapped in with little to no escape.
  • The best places to stay is area with high ground, just be alert of Flying clubs, and Edgar tounges.
    • Try to use the Tactical II or the Scout for the extra stamina boost, useful for sprinting away from hordes and using your melee immunity.
  • Diggers are a nuisance on the map. Avoid them at all costs.
  • Due to the map's small size, Swarmers can easily stun players with their beehive attack.
  •  Brutes can knock Survivors off the map with thier clubs.
  •  Tickers can also push Survivors off the map with their Rush abillity, and their Explosion.
  • Secondary melee weapons that push zombies off, such as the Shovel, are a good idea to use, since you can usually push most zombies into the water.
  • Explosive weapons, like the RPG aren't recommended as there is a very high chance of accidentally killing yourself or flinging yourself off the map.
  • The Flamethrower is a quite a good weapon for this map due to the small nature.
    • Shotguns such as the Shotty 12 are also quite useful.
  • Diggers cannot dig in this map, but they can still trip.


  • This is a remake of the Reason 2 Die: Resurrection (2012) map of the same name.
    • Just like the 2012 one, this version is the second smallest map from R2D Series.
  • Inside one of the buildings is a black mirror with a sticky note on it that has a drawing of a smiley face, a reference to the show Black Mirror.