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"SUBWAY! Think Fresh, Eat Fre- Oh wait, this ain't a restaurant..."


The Subway Terminal is a Campaign item for Subway. It is found in the survivor spawn room and can be activated after the switch is turned on.

Upon activation, you will need to wait 3 minutes for the Subway Train. In this time period you would also need to get your Ticket.

Background Story

This looks kinda futuristic, but in reality it really isn't. Pop down to your local IKEA store and you will find lots of these fancy panels. That said, you have to find one that isn't shut due to the SANI Virus. In that case, you are better off going to a thrift shop.


  • This is located in the survivor spawn room.
  • You can only activate this after you activate the switch.
    • Hold "E" to activate the Subway Terminal.
  • The person who activates this will earn 50$.


  • This can be found in the ROBLOX catalog under Gear Cloner.