The Subway Train is a rescue vehicle used in Subway. It appears 3 minutes after the subway system is re-engaged. The train waits at the platform for 30 seconds before leaving.


  • To sit down, you must click the seat.
    • You must find your individualised Ticket before you can sit down.
      • If you do not have a ticket, and attempt to sit down, "You don't have a ticket!" will flash.
    • If you don't sit down, you cannot win.
    • To get off the seat, jump.
  • Stay out of the way once the Train arrives. It may kill you if you meet it head-on.
    • This applies to zombies as well.
  • If you enter the Train, you gain explosive immunity from the outside explosions.
    • This does not include Ticker rushes, at the front of the train.
  • DO NOT sit in the back seats of the Train as you will not win.


  • Returning vehicle from R2D.
    • The Train model is the same as it was in R2D.
  • The destination board of the Subway Train is Blackfield Station.
  • The Train appears even if the gamemode isn't Campaign.
    • You cannot sit down, however.

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