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"Why are we in this Subway when there's already another Subway in Zero Kelvin Station? Yeah sure it's cold but... OK I can see why we're in this Subway, but I'm extremely sure that WE'RE NOT HERE FOR SUBWAY SANDWICHES."


Subway is a map that takes place in a withered, heavily-damaged subway station that is infested with zombies. It was created by coolman65 and EvilCreation and was based on the Subway station the survivors traverse in Left 4 Dead.

Background Story

In the dawn of the apocalypse, subways were safe zones and one of the few forms of mass transportation left. The military turned many subway stations into well-organised strongholds and put many resources into an attempt to ensure that the trains were kept running 24/7. Over a few months, the subways were quickly overrun from all sides as infected poured in from the tunnels, overrunning the stopped trains in the stations and cut off communications. One of the last remaining pieces of modern infrastructure had fallen.

Groups of survivors, however, continued to take advantage of the subways, as they were one of the safest ways to travel. The tunnels, provided they were well-lit, were extremely reliable passageways. Makeshift posters, saferooms and ammo stations were also constructed throughout the subways by thousands of survivors throughout the years, as the stations were one of the few places that all survivors knew to go.

As the subways continue to become more and more run down, the ghostly echoes of footsteps, growls and gunshots against the vacant tunnels continue to remind survivors to never give up the fight.


This map is set, as one might expect, in a Subway station. From the decals and images scattered about, it appears to have been a station that was designated as a rally point for picking up survivors. It can also be assumed from the graffiti and other decals, that an earlier group of survivors had made it to the station before, but have been left to die.

The station is rather complex, with the ticket gates at the lowest part of the station. The stairs up lead to the Subway Terminal and the spawnpoint for survivors. The escalators up lead to parallel subway tracks.


  • The RPG and the M202 are not recommended to use on this map due to the high risk of damaging yourself.
    • Due to the enclosed nature of this map, Airstrikes are ineffective here.
  • Don't stay in small rooms, Tickers and Brutes can easily kill you.
  • Leapers and Edgars can easily surprise you here, don't stay alone.
  • Blocking the Safety Door using the Hammer is bannable. Do not do that.
  • Use "Tag Objective" to find the Tickets faster.
    • The Tickets are individualised, so communication and knowledge of other people's tickets are key.
  • Stay out of the way once the train arrives. It may kill you if you meet it head-on.
  • The map is quite dark until the switch is re-engaged in Campaign.
    • Use of the flashlight ("X") may be required.
  • Jump up onto the power switch to activate it.
    • The person who does this will earn 50$.
    • The person who activates the Subway Terminal will also earn 50$.
  • Diggers cannot dig on this map.
  • The Mini Crab is incredibly useful on this map.


  • Second returning map from R2D 2014.
  • Subway is based on the Subway from No Mercy campaign in Left 4 Dead.
  • Second map to returning with the same appearance from 2014.
    • The only noticeable differences are decal and poster changes.
    • An Ace Cola decal can be found in one of the rooms.
  • Due to the enclosed nature of the map, the map preview is differs from other maps.
  • During Christmas Event 2020 this map got a makeover!