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"Innocents will surely be sacrificed today. Many of my flock live here yet they surely understand why a man must free his soul."


Suburbs is a large suburban map which take places in a fictional province of Canada called Sunsprings. The map is quite expansive with various easter eggs scattered across the map.

Background Story

A dangerous Canadian suburb located in the province of Sunsprings, a name that doesn't fit with what the city actually is. Its dirty houses and high pollution meant that everyone who lived here had a problem with high crime, corruption and insecurity, as everyone was too scared to help anyone except themselves; but when the apocalypse came knocking on their door, everyone had each other's backs.

When the first group of weary survivors came upon this city, they were surprised to find lights on, a few bunkers stocked, doors barricaded and with many signs of a quick exit. They knocked on doors, scavenged and shouted.

It slowly became apparent that everyone, including the infected, were gone. The Suburbs were empty.

The sun set as eerie silence settled upon the city - silence that only made the growls and piercing roars in the distance more apparent.


Survivors spawn at crossroads in the middle of the city. Mountains surround three sides of the map (with a crashed plane opposite the sea) and the sea borders one of the sides. Taking the sea as south, in the south west quadrant of the map is a carnival place, complete with stalls and a Ferris Wheel. Next to it is an small industrial plant and a caravan site.

Next to the caravan site is a shopping mall with various shops inside of it. In the north west quadrant of the map is a mineshaft site, though it looks abandoned.

The middle of the map is quite residential. The south east quadrant of the site contains a drive-in car pack. The north east quadrant of the map contains commercial buildings.

Roads connect most of the map up, excluding the mineshaft. At sea, there are two islands. There is a rocky one, with nothing to note, and an island with a lighthouse, which appears to be active due to light rotation.

There is also a sewer complex beneath the map.


  • The Duck Mount is best used here to get from building to building.
  • Diggers cannot dig on this map.
  • Suburbs features a lot of variable places that can be used to build a base.
    • Examples include the mall, the carnival, the mineshaft and the drive-in.
  • You can use the sewers to travel unnoticed.
    • However, be aware that a Brute can easily smash you down here.
  • The Flamethrower is quite good here due to the proximity of zombie spawns to houses.


  • Suburbs was the second Halloween-themed map to be added, with the first being Trick O' Threat Town.
  • The Suburbs is based on Suburbs from Twisted Metal Black.
    • The design is different, however.
    • The name of the province this map takes place in, Sunsprings, is also a reference to another Twisted Metal map, Sunsprings, California.
  • During Debug, there was a bug where most of the models became doors.
  • This map has a lot of easter eggs.
  • Currently there is a bug where Diggers cannot dig.
  • Currently, due to a ROBLOX update, Suburbs seems brighter than it should.
  • The mineshaft is possibly a reference to R2D 2014's Buried Alive map.
  • Prior to v1.4.4, this was a regular map before being transferred over to greenlight.
  • The Suburbs was originally concepted to be bigger, which is why the whole map seem compressed.
    • A concept of that original idea can be found here.