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Stud Harvest II

"The good ol' classic Stud Harvest! Back in my day, this, and a few other maps, were all we ever played!"


Stud Harvest II is a classic map from 2009, once again recreated. The original name of this map was "Stud Harvest", but it has finally returned, this time with a new design, name, and look.

Background Story

This place is eerily familiar to many. It brings a feeling of deja vu - something about the weathered tracks, the station that looks as if it was just built even through the countless tragedies that likely occurred there.

You stare at the sunset, feeling a sense of tranquillity as you slowly trudge through the area.

The growls in the distance, the whispering in the fog, it all brings you back.

You stare at the town as the growls get louder. You stare at your comrades as they ready their weapons.

The feeling subsides.

You're just left with a name. Stud Harvest.


You spawn in what appears to be a train depot. The main control room can be found next to the tracts. The tracks itself is enclosed in a perimeter fence. You can escape by jumping over the fence or through a hole at the far end of the tracks. The hole leads to a river passing the back of the map.

Outside the depot area is wide open spaces. A house is the only significant structure on the main island. There is a tunnel, with abandoned police cars as well. The other island is connected by a bridge.

This island is where all the main structures are. There is a train house and a singular track running parallel to the river. There are also abandoned buildings and warehouses you can climb on top of.


  • The map is quite large and expansive, consider bringing longer range guns such as the Barrett 50 Cal.
  • Long distance travel in this map is sometimes needed, using the Ice Rhino or Rocket Sleigh is recommended.
  • Some parts of the map are dark, the railway tunnels for instance, so use your flashlight which can be activated by using "X".
  • Leapers will have a hard time scaling fences, relocate instead.
  • Camping in certain spots, such as on the train station roof, can be quite useful. Just be aware of Swarmers and Brutes.
    • The station roof also has a zombie spawn on it. Use the Disruptor to circumvent this.
  • With such a wide space between the train station and train depot, it leaves you out in the open for Edgars and Leapers to catch you.
    • Travel with people if you ever find yourself here.


  • The third map to use plenty of smooth terrain, excluding water.
  • There is currently a glitch that if you shoot the trees, they would bleed.
  • Before v1.1.2a, this had a 16 player limit during Survival.
  • The original name was supposed to be Homecoming. However, in Debug, PlaceRebuilder asked everyone for a better name than Homecoming.
    • Hotorchi originally suggested the name Stud Harvest. PlaceRebuilder agreed and named it Stud Harvest II due to the map being a remake of the original R2D 2009 version.
  • In v1.4.6, this map received the grass effect found in other maps, like Panama Beach.