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"It's not that golumn from The Hobbit, it is your freaky looking robot man."
―Racing Steel


The Stone Golumn is an NPC mob that spawns in the Chronos Gate upon entering the gate. It can smash its hammer at the survivors. They can also spawn gas like creatures called Wraiths that can damage the survivors and can't be killed by bullets.

Background Story

The origins of the Golumns continue to be researched. Who made them? Why are they protecting such specific places? Interspersed throughout realms of dreams and fantastical reality, these silent protectors are shrouded in mystery.

Robots? Sentient? Without a doubt, these Stone Golumns, denizens of an immaterial realm, are extremely powerful, otherworldly beings. Their massive stone hammer grants them not only their name, but also a devastating weapon. Although their movements may be slow, their attacks are not. If one underestimates these things, they'll find themselves crushed under falling pillars or battered and beaten by the explosions caused by the sheer force at which the hammer makes contact.  

These are the last defence, the last insurmountable obstacle. The keys to the gate will have to be pried out of their lifeless hands.

Good luck.

May your dreams be merciful.


  • Avoid the Hammer Smash at all costs.
  • You can get spawn killed by the Stone Golumns if you enter the gate while they are at the spawnpoint.
  • They spawn a large amount of Golumns so stay away and shoot them from afar.
  • They can destroy certain blocks in the Gate room so be aware.
  • Due to having so much health, a Minigun or a M249 is recommended to defeat them.
  • If you have a RPG in hand, fire it at the Stone Golumn when it raises its hammer up, signalling that it is about to summon Golumns or Wraiths. The explosion not only can hurt the Stone Golumn but also eliminate the Golumns and Wraiths before they even have a chance to move or attack.
  • It's best if you target one Stone Golumn at a time, so they won't spawn lots of Golumns and Wraiths.


  • Part of the Chronos Series.
  • Similar to Golumns, the Stone Golumn appears to be floating.
    • Neither can fly up or down though.
  • Like the Golumn they are also modelled after the All-Seeing Golem made by ROBLOX.
  • Used to give 2 keys when in Debug/initial release.