"Damn you, L-Brain Sidework!! First you took our MP5, and now our Glock 26! Why must you confound us so?! Wait no, I mean, what?... They're giving us the Steyr M as replacement? I mean, err... "


Overall, a very good weapon for free. Great range and accuracy, three shots to take down a Normal Zombie, un-upgraded, and lots of ammo.

Although you may be tempted to stop using it after you get more expensive weapons, the Steyr M, which stands for Steyr-Mannlicher, can remain a usable weapon no matter what. The one thing you should be wary of is to not be too trigger-happy. Conserving ammo is always important, and due to its high firerate, you may want to.

Background Story

Once again, for the third and hopefully last time, L-Brain Sidework decided to replace their free-shipping weapons. The first weapon was the MP5, then the Glock 26, and now the Steyr M.

An official statement released is as follows: "We want to make sure all survivors get the best starter weapons off of us. To prevent more casualties we are constantly improving our starter weapons, resulting in us making the decision to supply the Steyr M to survivors."


  • It is recommended to fire in intervals than being trigger happy with this.
    • Crouching and ADS'ing with this can enable it to use its full range, essentially making a pocket sniper.
      • Be careful though. The Steyr M's accuracy may let you down when using it at the limits of its range.
  • If you only have this weapon on hand, it is best to stun mobs first and fire onto their head in order to conserve ammo.
    • The Double Equip system can be useful here in granting the Steyr M extra mags while you work on getting a Primary.
    • Punching and Kicking then using the Steyr M is an effective way to kill zombies.
      • Master this technique to make full use of this gun.
  • The Steyr M is good for bosses because of high DPS, ammunition and total damage.
    • Total damage is only surpassed by the Peacemaker.
  • The Faster Reload attachments aren't really necessary for this gun.
    • The Steyr M has one of the fastest reload time in the game.
    • Buying the 100% Faster Reloading attachment will make you reload the Steyr M in under a second.
      • This may be useful when you have the money to splash out on it. However, it is generally better to save up for a better primary.


  • Free
  • High Total Damage
  • Quick Reload
  • Low Ranked


  • None



  • v0.9.1
    • Reloading sounds added.
  • v1.2.3
    • Firing sounds changed.
  • v1.2.9
    • Animations changed.
  • v1.3.0
    • Equip animations added.

  • This is the fourth mesh-based gun to be added in R2DA.
  • According to PlaceRebuilder, the Glock 26 had to be removed due to Glock themselves requesting their products to be removed completely from ROBLOX games.
    • Even then, the only real difference between these two guns are the aesthetics.
  • The in-game Steyr M model is most likely the M40/M357 variant due to the 12-round mag.
  • The Steyr M is the only ranged weapon to have an equip sound.
  • A variant exists, the Newbie which uses the Steyr M model.
  • The Steyr M has the same RPM as the M1A1 Thompson.

There is an item that looks really similar.
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Just in case, here is a link to the Newbie.


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