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"Damn you, L-Brain Sidework!! First you took our MP5, and now our Glock 26! Why must you confound us so?! Wait no, I mean, what?... They're giving us the Steyr M as replacement? I mean, err... "


Overall, a very good weapon for free. Great range and accuracy, three shots to the body and two shots to the head to take down a un-upgraded Normal Zombie, and lots of ammo.

Although you may be tempted to stop using it after you get more expensive weapons, the Steyr M, which stands for Steyr-Mannlicher, can remain a usable weapon no matter what. The one thing you should be wary of is to not be too trigger-happy. Conserving ammo is always important and, due to its high firerate, you may want to do so.

Background Story

After the acts of espionage revolving the Glock 26L-Brain Sidework was forced to create a new firearm to replace the former with. Scouts for the company had to work quickly, as a weapon free of shipping was needed for survivors new to the apocalypse. They came back with a multitude of blueprints for pistols, some of them not even having good schematics. Eventually, after testing every single weapon they could make out of the blueprints, the Steyr M was chosen as the best fit and put to mass production immediately.

Some people still wonder why they couldn't just make another SMG.


  • Crouching and ADS'ing with this can enable it to be used at its full range, essentially making a pocket sniper.
    • Be careful though. The Steyr M's accuracy may let you down when using it at the limits of its range.
  • While shooting this repeatedly won't decrease the accuracy (unlike most other guns), this will quickly deplete your ammunition. Try to conserve ammo.
  • If you only have this weapon on hand, it is best to stun mobs first and fire onto their heads in order to conserve ammo.
    • Magazine giving armors, such as the Tactical I can be useful because it grants the Steyr M extra ammo while you work on getting a Primary.
    • You can use the Double Equip system to bring a secondary with you, as opposed to a costly primary.
    • Punching and Kicking then using the Steyr M is an effective way to kill zombies.
      • Master this technique to make full use of this gun.
  • Due to the Steyr M's ludicrously high total damage, high DPS and high ammunition count, especially when using Extra Ammo, this weapon is a good secondary for bosses.
    • You can deal up to 2,640 damage if you use the Extra Ammo attachment, only being surpassed by the Peacemaker and the RPG
  • The Faster Reload attachments aren't really necessary for this gun.
    • The Steyr M has one of the fastest reload times in the game, even without the attachment.
    • Buying the 100% Faster Reloading attachment will make you reload the Steyr M in under a second.
      • This may be useful when you have the money to splash out on it. However, it is generally better to save up for a better primary.


  • Free
  • High Total Damage
  • Quick Reload
  • Low Ranked


  • None



  • v0.9.1
    • Reloading sounds added.
  • v1.2.3
    • Firing sounds changed.
  • v1.2.9
    • Animations changed.
  • v1.3.0
    • Equip animations added.
  • v1.3.9
    • Accuracy changed from 70 to 85.
  • v1.4.4
    • Accuracy doesn't decrease as you shoot multiple shots.

  • This is the fourth mesh-based gun to be added to R2DA.
  • According to PlaceRebuilder, the Glock 26 had to be removed due to Glock themselves requesting their products to be removed completely from ROBLOX games.
    • Even then, the only real difference between these two guns at release is the aesthetics.
  • The in-game Steyr M model is most likely the M40/M357 variant due to the 12-round mag.
  • The Steyr M was the first ranged weapon to have an equip sound.
  • A variant exists, the Newbie, which uses the Steyr M model.
  • The Steyr M has the same RPM as the M1A1 Thompson.
  • Steyr M features a real calibre that isnt a simple cylinder when ejecting.
  • The Steyr M has a gun variant of a shotgun named the Steyr MS
  • Before v1.4.4 rapid firing would decrease the Steyr M's accuracy.