Status Effects are a mechanic in Reason 2 Die Awakening that affects your character's well-being. They mostly relate to Survivors, although Zombies are prone to some of them as well.

Negative Effects


This is inflicted by:

After it takes effect, the victim remains on the ground, vulnerable, automatically getting up after a couple of seconds. If you are the Leaper or Edgar, you are automatically disarmed from the victim you may have encaptured.

However, you can still:

  • Be damaged by mobs if you touch their damage hitbox without Immunity.
  • Throw your club if you are a Brute.
  • Explode if you are a Ticker.

Radiation (Passive)

This is inflicted by:

  • Proximity to a Ticker.
  • Proximity to radiation puddles.

Depending on your distance, you can lose 1 HP per second or a strong 3-4 HP per second. Your screen will alert you whenever you are near a source, with a ticking sound playing in the background.

Zombified players used to take damage from this, but this been patched as of v0.9.2. You don't lose HP from this, but the screen will still alert you to your proximity to it.


This is inflicted by:

This means that you cannot equip your weapons or consumables until freed or until the stun effect wears off.

Burning (Passive)

This is inflicted by:

During Free For All, no matter what vest you're wearing, you can be hurt by a Molotov or Flamethrower.

A player inflicted with burning is dealt 5 damage per second for 10 seconds, resulting in 50 damage total.

Drowning (Passive)

This is inflicted while a survivor is in water.

A GUI with 6 bubbles will appear under the stamina bar, indicating the amount of oxygen the player has remaining. A bubble will pop every second, and after all of them have been popped, the player will start taking 10 damage every second instead. To regain oxygen, the player must stand on a solid surface.

In Yeti's Cave and Rhi-Snow Territory, on top of the regular GUI, a player will take 2 damage every second they're submerged in water.

In Forgotten Cave, on top of the regular GUI, a player will take 10 damage every second they're submerged in water.

Blurry Screen (Passive)

This is a complete side-effect to Drowning and Choking.

When inflicted, it signals to the player that they have successfully regained oxygen. This is manifested as a couple of bubbles couple with a blurry screen for 1–2 seconds.

People on the lower ends of the graphics setting will not see this at all.

Blindness (Passive)

This is inflicted by Flashbangs.

When inflicted, the affected player will have their screen turn completely white.

Survivors can blind themselves with their own thrown flashbangs, but all mobs in the radius of the explosion will be inflicted.


This is inflicted by:

On touch, a player is completely frozen to something akin to Stun.

No abilities can be used apart from the Brute's or Stalker's forcefield. Any attack a zombie may be in will be disabled.

Frozen effects do not apply mostly to NPCs or to Elementals.

During 2017, Frozen inflicts frostbite damage, when the status effect is active.

Can be removed early by having a fire effect applied to you, such as the Torch.

This effect can be completely negated by wearing the Yeti Helmet and Frozen X-Mas Cape.

Unconsciousness / Temporary Death

See Also : DeathScreen

This is inflicted when a survivor's HP bar hits zero.

The survivor cannot do anything except move their camera around. Other survivors have 30 seconds to bring back someone in this state using Defibrillators.


This is inflicted by:

Your character will go into a fit as if they've been tasered and is also disarmed for as long as you are so.

Zombified players can be shocked, but this may change in later updates.

Choking (Passive)

This is inflicted whenever you happen to glitch out of Casius Outpost.

As the atmosphere has no oxygen, this effect will show you a blurry screen and your player coughing.

In the first 30 seconds, nothing will happen. Then, your health with deplete.

Your health will drain faster and faster and the screen will get blurrier and blurrier, resulting in your eventual death.

After death, your screen will remain blurry until you respawn, if you zombify your screen is still as blurry as when you died.

Loss Of Limb (Passive)

This is inflicted by:

  • Touching the tsunami while fighting King Crab.
    • However, survival from it is rare. Most of the time, you will die outright.
  • Touching the lava in Halloween Bootcamp or Halloween Quest.
  • Touching the lava while fighting Lord Pumpkin Jr.
  • Being frozen by Yeti II and having your limbs fall off, occasionally, when the ice thaws. (This has since been patched)
  • Touching a Sand Crab and having your limbs fall off, occasionally. This is due to a glitch.
  • Touching a Digger and having your limbs fall off, occasionally. This is due to a glitch.

Whatever limb touches a hostile environment, you will lose it. If either your head or torso is affected, it results in instant death. Sand Crabs and Diggers makes most you limbs disappear, but won't kill you.

If you lose limbs (sometimes) or your mount touches the lava, you cannot spawn your mount.

Poison (Passive)

This is inflicted whenever a Wraith touches you. You can also get this by flying too high in Pumpkinator's Bootcamp.

You will lose 10 HP at 5 HP increments for a short while. This effect can stack on top of each other.

Invisible (Passive)

This occurs when a Stalker becomes idle and stands still. They are not seen by any survivor and their nametag will also disappear.

Unrelated to this, meshes failing to load in will give the appearance of players being invisible. Also, if your graphic level is low, you may not be able to see players from far away.

Positive Effects


This is inflicted by:

This permanently recovers health.

Temporary Regeneration (Passive)

This is inflicted when you finish drinking a Strawberry Juice or Raspberry Splush.

You gain short bursts of permanent health over a short period of time.

Temporary Health (Passive)

This is inflicted when you use some Vitamins and formerly the Pills and the Ace Cola.

Your HP bar is completely filled, but it is filled with temporary health. This is represented as a yellow addition to your red bar. As time goes on, it slowly drains.

If anyone in your Party is inflicted with this, a dark blue shade is used instead.

If you take any damage, the drain effect will stop. This can be abused but isn't a problem unless it goes over max.

Booster (Passive)

This is inflicted by:

While under effect, you are given infinite stamina for a set period of time (unless specified otherwise).

Your screen will have a bloom effect applied onto it, an effect seen while playing in Shoot'em Up Town. The more Boosters are applied, the stronger this effect will get.

During Halloween 2016, a bug could occur where the bloom effect used would persist in-between rounds.

Immunity (Passive)

See Also : Immunity