"I've done nothing but teleport breads for 3 days, oh and diamonds too"


The Stargate is a campaign accessory used in Zero Kelvin Station Campaign. Use the Naquadah to power this up.

Background Story

A relic from a forgotten age, used by the ancient peoples who once lived deep underground where the now abandoned Zero Kelvin Station resides.

The Stargate is connected to an alien world, where many horrifying secrets reside or the space sci-fi map.

An engraved inscription reads "cif dscdzs'g dcfhoz". Decoding is underway.


  • This is found on the ground floor of the control room in Zero Kelvin Station.
  • When the Stargate is activated, anyone near the portal will die by explosion.
    • Stand back when it begins to power up.


  • An obvious portal reference to the Stargate series.
  • You can enter the portal as a Stalker if you have a grabbed survivor.

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