"Not only is it cute, but fashionable for girls and boys alike when it comes to buying guns."


Starburst is a minor skin series than can be found in a select few weapons. These can be found in the Premium Skincrate.

It mainly features a colour palette of bright pink. There are also star decals on both weapons. On the P90, Shotty 12 and the Tri-Blaster, the stars are white, but on the Rambo Knife the stars are yellow.


  • The skin itself is a reference to the Anime Series Gun Gale Online and the character LLENN.
    • In the anime series, however, only the P90 is coloured pink.
    • The P90 and Rambo Knife (to an extent) are the only weapons in R2DA with the Starburst skin that are featured in the actual anime series though.
  • Starbust is likely named after named after the candy of the same name.
P90 - Starburst.png STARRambo.png Shotty 12 - Starburst.png Tri-Blaster - Starburst.png M1 Garand - Starburst.png
P90 Rambo Knife Shotty 12 Tri-Blaster M1 Garand

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