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"Tall and scary, gives me the chills."

Walther's Notes - Restored

This note was found hidden in an alley with portion of it missing. It has since been partially rewritten through conjecture.

It wasn't long after we spotted the first that more eventually started to pop up out of the darkness, creeping behind a corner. Staring. One of our members saw it peeking and instinctively shot it - or so it seemed. Poor kid probably felt confident that he killed it, but as soon as he distanced himself from the group to take a closer look, the thing grabbed him and bolted. We attempted a rescue, but it was cut short as soon as we realized the creature had sprinted in the direction of the oncoming horde. One thing I've noticed is that it keeps its victims awake. I hope that kid didn't have to go through that.


The Stalker is a very tall, grey and disturbing creature that has special powers. It grabs survivors when they get close and takes them away from the main group to be killed. It turns invisible when idle, can shield itself and moves very quickly. It's a survivor's worst nightmare and lives in a dark cave.

Background Story

The whispers from the fog haunt the dreams of those who were there at the beginning. They cause them to recall missing comrades. Silhouettes, tall, thin, sprinting through the corner of their eye. They turn and nothing is there.

Every night, the whispers kept them awake. They set rules. Who would be watching, where they would be watching. But every morning, more and more of their comrades would be gone.

There was nothing they could do.

Rarely, those that disappeared found their way back. They told stories of being saved, carried away in numerous sets of sickly, grey arms to be dropped off miles away.

Even rarer than those survivors are those who spot these creatures when they appear to be more human than they deserve to be. Some have been spotted wearing tattered clothes, others wearing things like caps and even headphones.

These Stalkers are some of the most dangerous foes, and also the most mysterious.


PC Gamepad Tablet Description
RTrigger XboxButton.png
Kidnap: Grabs a player in contact. Once successful, it will grab hold of the player until you click again or your stamina runs out.
Consumes 10 energy per click.
Consumes 10 energy per second when the player is grabbed.
B XboxButton.png
Block: Emits a forcefield, preventing the Stalker from taking damage. You can move around with it active.

Consumes 20 energy per second.

Adaptive Camouflage (Passive): If a Stalker stands still for a few seconds, they will go invisible. Invisibility is broken by movement or attack.



  • The Stalker is very fast. Follow the movements so you can kill it more easily.
  • Stay together with other survivors.
    • Communicate with others. If a Stalker is nearby, warn fellow survivors to avoid preventable accidents.
  • Playing in third person greatly lowers your risk of surprise ambushes and being kidnapped by the Stalker.
  • Since it's tall and very easy to see, it should be easy to kill, especially headshoting one.
  • Be on high alert if you hear whispering nearby.
  • If by any chance a Stalker is near you, you should punch or have a secondary that stuns ready to use.
    • Freezing or stunning it will immediately drop its victim.
    • Freezing the Stalker, with weapons such as the Ice Staff, Ice GunFrost Knuckles or Ice Sledge, can assist you due to the fact that the Stalker will be out of action for a while.
  • If a Stalker throws you off the map, you will get teleported back to the spawn.


  • Assist Stalkers by distracting other survivors, allowing them to grab a survivor with ease.
  • Jump from high points of a map with a survivor and let them go to kill them with fall damage.
  • Don't jump off the map with kidnapped survivors as it will respawn them.
    • In some situations, this can be helpful - for example, if a survivor is about to reach the escape vehicle, respawning them will likely leave them stranded.
  • Standing still will allow you to become invisible.
  • If you capture a survivor, bring it to a Brute or a horde of Infected as this should easily finish them.
    • If none of these are available, bring them to a Leaper or Edgar instead, as they will trap the survivor.
      • If there only a few to no zombies around you, try to put them close to a zombie spawn.
  • If a survivor is on lethal heights, you should consider throwing the survivor off the building to make them lose some health.
  • Separate survivors from a group in order to stop the group from killing you.
  • Since you can't kill players by dropping them near the edge or in water that kills, try using other environments such as a radiation pool, boundaries such as the rocks in 1930's Kingstreet and Victoria Harbor or drown them in water, such as at Panama Beach.
    • Use glass shards, if available, in order to do some damage to them.
    • Drowning them should only be an option if they don't have the Froggo, JetpackJetski or Snorkel.
  • Throwing survivors off the map in Rescue can delay them from getting to the Helicopter, making it worth doing so, most notably on Victoria Harbor.
  • Maps like No Mercy Hospital are great. Your dark figure, invisibility and glass to force survivors into makes this map one of your golden opportunities.
  • You can also assist the survivors if you wish, via a method called the "Stalker Taxi". You can taxi a player in need of an escape from a dangerous area by picking them up and dropping them off at a safer area. Do not confuse this with Round Delaying which is using two or more Stalkers to constantly keep the last player(s) alive, away from the horde, on a map with no time limit.
  • Stalkers are banned in M.S Antares and Outpost 21.
  • You can grab survivors and kill them with their own items (that have a delayed fuse) such as the Grenade, Molotov, Clockbomb and Airstrike.
  • You are a massive threat on Peach N' Spills Resort, as the large size of the map, environmental hazards and vast ocean means that you have a variety of ways to kill survivors, before their teammates can react to save them.
  • The trees in Zero Kelvin Station are untextured, and look exactly like the stalker. This makes for an excellent hiding spot as you wait for your invisibility to kick in.


  • The Stalker is a returning mob from R2D.
    • It only had 50 HP, and it could regenerate health, but only one can be bought per round.
    • The Stalker is the only returning mob that has not changed in physical appearance at all.
  • The Stalker was inspired and based on a game named ₮h₴ ₲łⅰރčh.
  • When a Stalker has spawned, it makes a whispering sound.
  • The Stalker is the second tallest mob (12.8 studs tall), excluding bosses.
  • The Stalker is the second mob to have forcefield as an ability, with the first being the Brute.
    • Unlike the Brute, the Stalker can move while in the forcefield.
    • The Stalker will place one hand on its face while doing so.
  • This is one of three mobs that can incapacitate a player, the other two being the Leaper and the Edgar.
  • Before v1.1.4, this used to cost 60$ to buy.
  • As of v1.1.4, this mob cannot spawn naturally and the buying cooldown has increased from 1.5 minutes to 2 minutes.
  • Stalkers can relocate after kidnapping a survivor.
  • For some reason, if you save a captured survivor from a Stalker, you don't get the reward that you get from saving someone from a Leaper or Edgar.
  • There is a glitch where a Stalker can go invisible while running.
    • This can be caused by holding down the same key while running.
      • The invisiblility will be broken if you click, or press another key.
  • Originally, the Stalker would die whenever the survivor it held died. This was patched in v1.2.0.
  • The Stalker is the second playable supernatural being along with the Elemental and Skull Champion.