Staff Guide

Welcome new member to the staff team!

If you've been hired to do one of the following jobs: click on the correct moderator role (if you have multiple roles, read all of them).

Read the page(s) thoroughly. You will be expected to learn all the commands and the proper action to be taken in the correct instances. The game, discord and wikia have their own block guides; you will use them when a user has broken rules (they are posted in the moderator role pages as well as the wikia in general).

First day on the Job

Get in touch with your superiors: They will let you know key things to know, as well as to give you a run down on how to do things (aside from the moderator guides). After that, you need to read the moderator guides. (If you have multiple mod roles, read all of them.) Read them thoroughly and don't forget to ask any questions if they arise!
Here is a table describing how much power a user with a certain role has, it is divided into two categories (Development & Moderation), the higher the role, the more power the user with the role has, roles on the same level basically have the same amount of power as each other:
Updated Staff List.png

  • Head of Wikia (Mainly Wikia): Inf_Bread, (Infinite Bread) WikiaColor_s, (WikiaColors) J3XC (R2Dthanos)
  • Chat Head-Moderator (Mainly Discord. In-Game and Wikia if needed): Kezzera, (KezzeraRBX) bustaq (Bustaq)
  • Head Moderator (Mainly In-Game. Discord and Wikia if needed): jopede, Malastikk, Winbloo, (Wosbee) HaterMalice
  • Admin (Everything: emergencies only, or complaint about above users): PlaceRebuilder

Types of staff

General staff guidelines

  1. No insubordination, applies in DMs.
  2. Be a good example. No racism, sexual behaviour etc that'll tarnish R2DA. This includes Direct Messages, ROBLOX related discord servers, and any ROBLOX games.
  3. Don't get into conflict with other staff, contact superiors if one arises.
  4. Absolutely no abuse is permitted.
  5. If in doubt, ask someone (another moderator, superior).
  6. Use your force by the book: only ban after checking the correct time in the correct ban guide (ie: game ban guide, wikia, chat etc.)
  7. No 'free banning/muting' is allowed.
  8. No leaking information, anything that was said or shown, or pictures from any staff-only channels (unless allowed by superiors)
  9. Rules apply to voice channels (discord)
  10. No drama.
  11. No warning other staff members, on discord and the wiki. Report any violation of rules by staff to their respective superiors. (Report CMods violating rules to CHMods only; reporting in-game mods violating rules to HMods only.)
  12. Log Evasion [MODS+]: The action of telling another moderator to ban/unban/mute etc. while being fully capable of preforming the action himself.
  13. Blocking Head Staff on Discord is NOT allowed
  14. Spreading Invalid/Valid information on a staff member's probation/termination without approval from that said staff member is not allowed. Head Staff SHALL not and WILL not provide information to a staff member's probation/termination unless that said staff member is fine with it, or is providing false information on why they were actually on probation/terminated to make said person look bad.

Mod Punishments

Before infractions are enacted on a moderator, it should be noted that at certain times a moderator will be put on 'probation'. This will limit their discord abilities but not in-game. They will still be able to post ban reports however. (This is the last chance for the moderator to get back on track and behave. It only applies to in-game moderators).

However, if the moderator still caught using powers abusively/broke a rule, they're either permanently demoted from discord and wikia moderation, or just get fired instantly.

Note: Majority of infraction causes will not be listed (there are too many), we understand that you won't know what's against the guidelines majority of the time, that's why we will contact you before infractions are enacted and resolve the situation. 

If you're being complained that you're using your powers wrongfully / abusively, you will be punished by the following:
L1 Infraction
Three days of in-game banishment.
Moderationship rights precluded whilst in effect.
L2 Infraction
One week of in-game banishment.
Moderationship rights precluded whilst in effect.
L3 Infraction
One month of in-game banishment.
Moderationship rights precluded whilst in effect.
L4 Infraction
No in-game banishment (lenity).
Moderationship rights perpetually abolished.
L5 Infraction
Varied period of in-game banishment.
Moderationship rights perpetually abolished
L6 Infraction
Illicit of in-game presence.
Moderationship rights perpetually abolished.

Note: If you are discord/wikia moderator, these apply to you as well.

Abusing powers can and will lead to an infraction. In the case of one, the moderator accused will be contacted by an admin or head-moderator If they are not able to be contacted, they will be issued the infraction without a chance to redact it.
Breaking Wikia/Discord rules will lead to an infraction, but in-game suspension dosen't apply in this case.
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