"Here. Go buy yourself a nicer hat."
―The Spy


The Stack of Cash is generally useless tactical item that can be bought for 25 Tickets. However, for fun, you can throw it on some zombies to give them some fresh style, while also granting a money bonus on affected zombies.

Background Story

The wealthy of the community kept rising and rising each passing day and they didn't know what to do with the spare change they had in their ticket wallet. One group petitioned to make a non-lethal "bomb" that gave the infected some form of style.

May people were baffled by this decision, and all had the same universal question: "but why?"

Well, the answer is simple: some people are just bored and want to flex their wealth to other survivors.


  • Considering the Stack of Cash's joke nature, it is not recommended buying this unless you want to flaunt your Ticket wealth.
  • While there is no tactical advantage with this item, this will increase the kill rewards of the zombies it morphs.
    • Player-controlled zombies (including the Skull Champion) that have the rich costume will give 50$ more per kill.
    • AI Infecteds that have the rich costume will give 10$ per kill.
    • Any other NPC that is affected by the Stack of Cash (like the Golumn) will not grant any additonal rewards.
  • Be aware that anyone kill claim the additional kill rewards once a zombie has morphed, not just you.
    • If you want to make sure that nobody steals your additional cash, try using the Stack of Cash when you are the last survivor remaining or when nobody else is around to steal your kill.
  • If you want to "transfer" your Tickets into Cash, then the Stack of Cash aides massively with this.


  • The Stack of Cash resembles ROBUX, the primary currency of ROBLOX.
  • Equipping the Stack of Cash will change the player's face for a second.
    • The face can be found here.

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