"I fear no man.. but that thing..? It scares me."


Splashy is a water gun that shoots water, and can severely injure Elementals. It is obtained during Summer Event 2019. This water gun isn't the best choice if you want to play a Free For All or Team Deathmatch Gamemode due to its low damage.

Background Story

The Splashy Washy was the R2DA's Super Soaker. Before the outbreak, it was a nice gun to shoot your friends with as a joke during the summertime. Millions of gallons of water was used to fire these weapons, and ever since the outbreak, these guns became an extremely rare collectibles item. Turns out, the SANI virus is very weak against salt water, and immediately shuts down on contact with it. So, the survivors thought, why not put salt water into their Splashy Washys? Testing began with these collectibles, and they figured out that since the water came out in such small amounts, the zombies would be stunned at most. Elementals dissolved because well, it's water. They had a proper use to these toy guns, and an expedition was launched to find these collectible guns. Not many were found, but the lucky few who purchased it had a reliable utility secondary. Oh, and for some strange reason, these guns are refillable with lead.


  • Use this weapon to trip zombies like Leapers and Diggers.
  • Notice that Splashy Washy can't trip Stone Golumns or kill Wraiths
  • Treat this like an upgraded Toy Bow. It has hard impact, it can quickly kill Elementals, you can fire instantly (unlike having to click and hold to draw back the bow string), and it is more useful overall.


  • This was originally going to be called the "Super Soaker", but the name was altered due to copyright reasons.
    • The appearance of the Splashy is similar to that of a Super Soaker.
  • This is the first water gun in the Reason 2 Die series.
  • Second ranged gun to trip mobs.


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