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This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"I fear no man... but that thing...? It scares me."


Splashy is a water gun that shoots water and can severely injure Elementals. It is obtained during the Aquatic Event. This water gun isn't the best choice if you want to play Free For All or Team Deathmatch due to its low damage.

Background Story

Before the outbreak, the Splashy Washy was a fun summer pastime that cooled you down and let you have fun at the same time - at the cost of lots of water.

After research into the SANI Virus, it was found that it was bacterial-based (an inaccurate name), leading to the conclusion that salt water, similar to the action of gargling it when you have a sore throat, can have a significant effect on the infected, leading to mass death of the SANI Virus' cells. So, the survivors thought, why not put salt water into their Splashy Washys?

Testing began with these collectables and it was found to debilitate, but not heavily damage, most infected, except for Elementals, who dissolved because the water shut down their internal combustion. As oil isn't in abundance in the apocalypse, manufacturing these with plastic wasn't an option, leading to many survivors adding "look for water guns" to their to-do list. Not many were found, but the lucky few who found or purchased it had a reliable utility secondary. 


  • Use this weapon to trip zombies like Leapers and Diggers.
    • This can be used to temporarily neutralize Leapers with the C4 upgrade without triggering the explosion.
  • This weapon cannot trip Golumns or kill Wraiths.
  • Treat this like an upgraded Toy Bow. It can quickly kill Elementals and you can fire instantly (unlike having to click and hold to draw back the bow string) and is more useful overall.
  • In PvP gamemodes, this doesn't perform so well due to its low damage.
    • You also do not stun other players.
  • Using this on Evil Bubbles will prevent them from moving once hit.
  • Although it's not recommended, you can use a full "magazine" to deal 72 damage, leaving Edgars with 3 HP left.
  • In Beginners servers, using the Splashy Washy could be a great way to attack Elementals and lower health mobs.
  • You can use the Splashy Washy Jacksplot's Domain as you push enemies like the Guardian Ace off the arena.


  • Trip


  • Event Exclusive
  • Low DPS
  • Low Damage
  • Low Total Damage
  • Low Damage per "Magazine"
  • No Attachments



  • v1.4.4
    • Range changed from 80 to 50.

  • This was originally going to be called the "Super Soaker", but the name was altered due to copyright reasons.
    • The appearance of the Splashy is similar to that of a Super Soaker.
  • This is the first water gun in the Reason 2 Die series.
  • Second ranged gun to trip mobs.
  • This has the lowest damage for a weapon, easily beating the Spas-12.