"If those retextures you saw on every other page of the UGC weren't already annoying enough, now they'll piss you off in Reason 2 Die as well!"


Spectrum is one of the various skin series in R2DA that can be found within Premium Skincrate. The colour palette prominently features black with a rainbow outline.


  • This skin is a reference to the Cartoony Rainbow user generated hats on the ROBLOX catalog.
    • These became rather infamous as they took over the catalog by storm as many users tried to capitalize off of the original design.
      • An example can be found here.
  • This is the second skin to have an outline, the first being Cartoon.
M16A1 - Spectrum.png
M249 - Spectrum.png
Mini Uzis - Spectrum.png
Minigun - Spectrum.png
P90 - Spectrum.png
Peacemaker - Spectrum.png
M16A1 M249 Mini Uzis Minigun P90 Peacemaker
Rambo - Spectrum.png
RPG - Spectrum.png
SCAR-H - Spectrum.png
Shotty 12 - Spectrum.png
Wingmaster - Spectrum.png
Shovel - Spectrum.png
Rambo Knife RPG SCAR-H Shotty 12 Wingmaster 870 Shovel
Spas-12 - Spectrum.png
Steyr M - Spectrum.png
Tinpot - Spectrum.png
Tommy - Spectrum.png
Tri-Blaster - Spectrum.png
Winc - Spectrum.png
Spas-12 Steyr M Tinpot M1A1 Thompson Tri-Blaster Winchester
Baseball Bat - Spectrum.png
Baseball Bat

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