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R2DA uses a large library of different songs. Many are for specific purposes, such as a seasonal boss fight like Lord Pumpkin Jr. Below are many of the soundtracks found in R2DA.

Reminder: We don't know who actually composes these soundtracks. PlaceRebuilder has bought the use of these soundtracks for use in R2DA. Many of these tracks are copyrighted. Credit has been give to those who we know composed these tracks.


Musics that plays on the intro screen.

Intro Pop

Normal Intro

Christmas Intro

Halloween Intro

Musics that plays on the main menu screen.

Universe Menu - No longer plays

Christmas Day 2017 Intro Music - Piece from That's My King — Dr. S.M. Lockridge

Normal Menu - Composed by rocamusic


Christmas Menu

Halloween Menu

Musics that plays on the loading screen.

Music that plays during the gameplay.


Petrosfera — Traitor Among Us






Heavy Steps

Snowball Fight/A Winter Wonderland

Tropical Trouble Pre-Demo

Tutorial Island


New Bloxcoast II Elevator

Farmhouse Phonograph & New Bloxcoast II Jukebox

Yeti's theme

R2DA Christmas Event 2015 & R2DA Christmas Event 2017

King Crab's theme

R2DA Release Event 2016

Lord Pumpkin Jr.'s theme - Piece from Megaman Starforce 2 — T27: Wave Battle (Boss Theme)

R2DA Halloween Event 2016 & 2017


Rhi-Snow's theme

R2DA Christmas Event 2016

Chronos XI's theme - Tanki Online 2nd Surround Theme

100th Version Celebration

King Cherrycake's theme

King Cake Celebration

King Crab II's Theme - Composed by tiam

R2DA Summer Event 2018

Pumpkinator's Theme

R2DA Halloween Event 2018

Frost Golumn's Theme

R2DA Christmas Event 2018

Ducky's Theme

R2DA Easter Event 2019

Chronos XI's/Lord Pumpkin Jr.'s Quest

100th Version Celebration & R2DA Halloween Event 2017

Yeti II's Quest/Snowy Snowy Hills

R2DA Christmas Event 2017 & R2DA Christmas Event 2018

King Cherrycake's Quest

King Cake Celebration

King Crab II's Quest - Composed by TimDonovan

R2DA Summer Event 2018

Pumpkinator's Bootcamp

R2DA Halloween Event 2018

Duck's Quest - Composed by JLAudio

R2DA Easter Event 2019

Musics such as Halloween Bootcamp, Minigame, etc.

Minigame Theme

Halloween Bootcamp Theme


  • You can disable in-game music via Settings in menu.
  • The play [musicname] commands are as follows (only for VIP Server Owners):
    • play abandoned
    • play action
    • play dramatic
    • play epic
    • play traitor
    • play rhisnow
    • play happywinter
    • play chronos
    • play yeti
    • play minigame
    • play halloweenquest
    • play bootcamp
    • play frostgolumn
    • play crabtheme
    • play kingcherrycake
    • play kingcrabii
    • play quest
    • play cherryquest
    • play pumpkinator
    • play wipeout
    • play jukebox
    • play yetiobby
    • play armsrace
    • play heavysteps
    • play duckquest
    • play duckboss
    • play squidboss
      • You cannot play LPJTheme due to copyright reasons.
  • Say stopmusic to stop the music from playing.
  • Music is uploaded to a throwaway account, POjk2rr.


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