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Snowy Roads

"I made this map to be hard and almost impossible to survive. And I think I did really well."


Limited, unsafe and bleak. The Snowy Roads is a foggy and hostile map that takes place at ridge of Black Razer. This map is quite threatful to survivors due to the hostile environment, few cliffs and limited Ammo Stations.

Background Story

We were sent to investigate the cause of an accident that had occurred in a small town in the middle of some snowy mountains. The trip started out quite nicely and to be quite honest I had high hopes for this expedition but all of it soon turned into a nightmarish journey as many began complaining about their empty canteens and the lack of food in their MRE pouches.

So, we decided to stop at a gas station and salvage whatever we could before heading back on the road. Before we could do that, we heard some shouts from the gas station bathroom and discovered one of our men with a mangled arm and 3 leapers inside. Soon, we heard the cries of the damned from outside and knew we were in deep trouble when we spotted a set of green muscular arms in the distance. As I'm writing this, everyone I once knew is being torn to shreds by the undead outside the gas station I have currently barricaded myself in. The screams of death itself echo throughout these snowy mountains and I can only hope the fate awaiting me outside is better than what my friends experienced.

God save us all.


Survivors spawn in random positions close of the cliffs.

This map features a working ski-lift station close of the cliff, following the road will lead you to a crashed truck, some guard towers and a rest center with a garage and three gas stations.

Behind the garage you will find a closed cave, shooting the blocked entrance will lead you to open the cave that has a Supply Box stuck on the snow. At top of the mountain you can find a campfire house with a Ammo Station.

There's also a guard tower with another Ammo Station behind the mountain where the crashed truck is.


  • Stay away from the cliffs, as a Digger can easily trip you make you fall off the mountain.
  • Stick together and make a base may be the only way to survive.
  • The LP Hawkview is recommended since it can remove the whole fog of the map.
  • The Ammo Bag is also recommended due to the limited amount of Ammo Stations.
  • Be careful. Some parts of the mountains can make you trip and fall.
  • As a infected, you can press "X" to turn on Nightvision and remove the fog.


  • The Snowy Roads is a rip-off of the Twisted Metal Black Snowy Roads.
  • This map was originally supposed to feature various breakables, but PlaceRebuilder decided to remove them in the final version.
  • The Snowy Roads was created to be one of the most hard maps in Reason 2 Die.
  • A mini variation of Snowy Roads can be found in District III.
  • This map is tied for the least amount of Supply Boxes with Panama Beach.
  • The Snowy Roads was originally planned to be called Snowy Center.
    • Then during its development it was changed to Snowy Mountains and then Snowy Roads.