"A sailor when to sea, sea, sea to see what he could see, see, see."


The Snorkel is an event item that can be bought for 20 Tickets during the Summer 2020 Event. It doubles the amount of time that you can stay underwater in safe water (total time underwater is now 14 seconds, as opposed to 7). Each bubble on the GUI now represents two seconds, as opposed to one. In addition, this item also grants trip immunity to the Woda, but not its damage.

The effects provided by this item are permanent, meaning that you only need one Snorkel per round. Understandably, there is a limit of one Snorkel per round via the Give Command.

Background Story

Not satisfied with the Froggo's large size, meaning that it cannot be used with heavy armors, like the Bulldozer II, survivors tried to find an alternative that could be used with such heavy armors.

The solution? The Snorkel. Lightweight and practical, survivors have increasingly used this while exterminating liquid-like creatures, the Woda.


  • To use the Snorkel, you just need to click once while having the Snorkel equipped.
    • The effects are permanent and last until you die.
    • For this reason, you only need one Snorkel per round (although you can get more than one per round via the Give Command).
  • The Snorkel is best used on maps with safe water like Panama Beach, Peach N' Spills Resort and U.S.S. Zurius.
    • This item cannot prevent you from dying on maps with lethal water.
  • The Snorkel is effective on R2DA Wipeout III as it prevents you from being tripped by the Woda.
    • However, to use the Snorkel on R2DA Wipeout III, you need to use the Give Command.
    • You can only use it once, so be sure to not die with it or you will never be able to spawn it again.
  • You don't need to take up an item slot to equip this item. You can use the Give Command, saving a space for another item.


  • This item occasionally blows bubbles.
  • The Snorkel is the first item to aide with swimming.
    • It is the second item, if you include armors, as the Froggo prevents you drowning.

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