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The Sleigh is an improvised version of a sled. Normally used for carrying gifts, they are used as transport in Snowy Snowy Hills and High Bye Die.

In Snowy Snowy Hills, use the button at the start of the Sleigh Run to spawn the Sleigh. It is quite uncontrollable yet is far faster than conventional walking or running. Once you reach the end (passing through the gate), 200 Tickets will spurt out for you to collect.

In High Bye Die, use the button at the start of the Sleigh Run 2.0 to spawn the Sleigh. While not needed to get to the bottom of the track, it is recommended to do so as it will get you there faster.


  • In Snowy Snowy Hills, you must use the Sleigh to reach the end as this will activate the spawning of Tickets once it passes the gate at the end.
    • If you walk the entire way, you cannot win.
    • If you use the Rocket Sleigh, you cannot win.
  • Try to get some speed when traversing the uphill parts in Snowy Snowy Hills.
  • Crashing into other people is a common sight, so try to get your Sleigh first.
  • In High Bye Die, when on the Sleighs, jump out quickly if you feel that you are going to fall off.
  • The controls aren't stiff so be prepared for a slippery ride.
  • If your Sleigh is overturned, you can wait 2 seconds for it to upright manually.


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