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"Time to play some heroic music."


This note was found soaked in red and sliced to bits with what appears to be axe markings. It has since been partially rewritten through conjecture.

The "Skull Champion". Paranormal entity from what the team have called the 'Underworld'. Colossal in size with the rage and undying vigour to match its lethal strength, striking fatal blows in single, effortless hits.

They're drawn to high concentrations of death occurrences, conflicts between survivors and the infected hordes being the best source. Potentially the correlation between the high number of deaths and their spawning is how they arrive to this world, they are not naturally formed and no signs of the virus are present on what remains we've seen.

Wields an axe and flail attached to a metal chain of an unknown met-...

DO NOT EDIT: This note was offered to Walther's group a few days after his demise, and is currently held by Arthur, their new leader. It is to be given to Vincent.

I don't... I don't usually do this. Writing down stuff isn't my thing, but this needs to be done - pass this to Vincent, if anyone knows where he is. I've seen people collecting bits of Walther's notes before. Nice chap, got good leadership. Not as skilled as he is annoying, but bastard's very lucky. He survived many encounters few would manage to withstand. But... his luck wasn't there this time.

On rare occasions, we group up to help each other. Normally I mind my own thing, commanding my own team. As usual, things were getting rough - ammunition problems, scarce medicine, yada-yada. We called in an attempt to loot one of the most popularized spots of town, and, to that extent, untouched.

Our practice and experience has proven unmatched. Others looked in awe as me, Walther, Rogers and a random beardo shot down zombies and foiled the smart lil' crickets plans ahead of time in an exemplary manner. Everything was going well, we were on a shopping spree. We had more than enough for a few weeks, and there were still many areas to scavenge. Alas, we pushed it too far.

An acursed fella introduced itself. As bodies littered the streets, it rose. Something that cannot be considered alive, not even before all this fine mess. This surreal, absolutely massive skeleton, white as commercial teeth, showed up before our very eyes. Thing wasn't going down, so we had to hole up in a dead end. Unsurprisingly, of course, I turn my head and he's already scribbling on his damn noteblock, while others were trying to think of an escape route. There was a wall behind us, but it didn't prove to be tall enough, and, well...

The silhouette of that thing towering over Walther haunts me.


The Skull Champion is a playable champion (or mini-boss) that is spawned after 300 zombies are killed. With its axe and chain, along with its large health pool, this mob is able to take out an entire team of survivors, all by itself if mastered. The Skull Champion is also a champion variation of the Halloween mob, Skullguard.

Background Story

As far as one can see, the necromantic minions created by the vengeful pumpkin, the Skullguards, continuously fail time and time again, trying to thwart the progress of their lords' enemies by luring them to the ends of elaborate obstacle courses. This somber timeline of constant defeat unfortunately relegated them to do more menial tasks, unbefitting to their true capabilities. 

Unbeknownst to anyone, one such guard had enough of being constantly bested. It had grown intelligence unique to its kind and festered uncontrollable rage. It stopped waiting for the survivors to come to them and relentlessly pursued them instead. It had abilities never before seen and wielded weaponry that could annihilate anyone within its wake. The very few who have lived to tell the tale all had one phrase to say in common, "It was a monster". It shouldn't come as a surprise because there is something to keep in mind: skeletons are already dead.


PC Gamepad Tablet Description
RTrigger XboxButton.png
Slash: The Skull Champion will swing its axe, dealing 100-200 damage.
LMB Hold.png
RTriggerHold XboxButton.png
Flail Smash: The Skull Champion will swing around the "Flail Cube" and will bring it down in front of itself when the corresponding control is released. Deals 120-140 damage depending on how close you are to the cube when it lands. 



  • Stay away from the Skull Champion since its attack range isn't far.
    • Since the Skull Champion cannot walk faster than a sprinting survivor, you can take advantage of this and run away to a safe area.
  • You will know when the Skull Champion spawns as text will appear in the chat and your camera will shake.
    • You can disable the shaking in the Settings, if you want.
  • Get into enclosed or indoor places as the Skull Champion may not fit through.
    • However, be careful of the Smash attack as it has an extremely large blast radius which can go through buildings.
  • To prevent this from spawning, try to avoid killing zombies that don't need to be killed immediately.
  • The Skull Champion is immune to the tripping and pushing effects. For example, melees and the Fire Extinguisher will not trip the Skull Champion.
    • However, a thrown Christmas Spear can push the Skull Champion away, which can be useful if the Skull Champion gets too close.
  • Don't stay close to zombie spawns. A Skull Champion may surprise you.
  • Be careful in Arena as you must kill zombies to move onto the next wave. This may lead for a hard time if a Skull Champion is active.
  • In Rescue, the Skull Champion may camp by the Helicopter to prevent players from entering. This also applies to the Private Jet in Campfire Chaos II and the Bus in Blackfield Station.
    • Make up a plan to lure it away.
  • Short-ranged weapons, such as the Boo Buster and the Shotty 12 are extremely bad choices due to the fact that you have to get up close to the Skull Champion.
    • The Boo Buster cannot lock onto the Skull Champion, so do not rely on it to disable the Skull Champion.
  • Weapons recommended for the Skull Champion are long-ranged automatics, such as the P90 and the SCAR-H.
    • Be aware that the M249 and Minigun reduce your walkspeed, meaning you have less mobility to avoid attacks.
    • However, the Minigun with Explosive Ammo will shred it fairly quickly.
      • Just be sure to keep your distance, or use the Jetpack.
      • Make sure to aim at the Skull Champion's head, as it will do twice the damage compared to shooting anywhere else on its body.
  • Use the Barrett 50 Cal. due to its long-range, high accuracy and damage. This is ideal since the Skull Champion attacks are short-ranged.
    • You will do 11,520 in total, without any additional magazines, if you land all headshots.
      • Be careful, as the extremely low rate of fire may not be able to kill the Skull Champion fast enough to save you, and your teammates, fast enough from the impending doom.
  • Using the RPG, you'll need to fire 20 direct hits to kill a Skull Champion.
  • Using the M2 Tripod on the Skull Champion will do 22,000 damage. However, this is not recommended as you are immobile.
  • Armor is a must for this mob as one hit without armor will certainly kill you.
    • For mobility, the Scout armor is recommended to run rings around the Skull Champion.
  • Don't bother using the Phial of Galadriel, Pipebomb, Clockbomb or Bell. The Skull Champion is immune to it.
  • While riding Duck Mount, you can still get damaged in mid-air with Skull Champion's "Flail" attack.
  • The Flash can be really useful in blinding and disorientating a Skull Champion.
  • In small maps, try to spread out. Agglutinating into one group will make everyone vulnerable for a single Smash attack to kill you all.
  • If you are ever caught in a situation where you have to take a hit from the Skull Champion Use the Tank Mount by pressing M before getting hit. It will allow you to survive the slash attack 10 times before you die or survive the "Flail" attack, but still get the stunned.


  • Try to not get stuck inside a building with a low roof or no way to get out.
  • The Smash attack can go through walls.
    • You can use this to force players out of their camping spot or to kill them.
  • Try to be as open and as offensive as possible.
    • 30,000 health is quite a lot of health. Use this to your advantage by walking freely in open spaces.
  • The axe will damage survivors on contact. Use this to your advantage by making people touch the axe with Stalker.
  • Swinging your "Flail" will not drain your stamina.
    • Have it ready at all times just in case a player is running by you.
  • Alternate between your axe and your "Flail" for maximum potential.
  • You can only jump 5 times before running out of stamina. Try not to jump too often.
  • Lethal and deep pools of water are your enemy as you can sink and remain submerged indefinitely, or be instantly killed.
  • To become a Skull Champion, you must be the next zombie to spawn after 300 zombie kills have occurred. You must not be Idle. Only one spawns per 300 kills though more than one may be active.
    • Resetting and AI Infected deaths count towards the 300 kills.
  • Try to predict when survivors will move as the Flail has a one-second delay before coming down.


  • This is the first champion (mini-boss) to be added to R2DA.
  • This has the most health of all of the playable zombies.
  • It resembles a Skullguard, hence the name Skull Champion.
  • This is the tallest zombie in the game.
    • Due to this, the mobility of the Skull Champion is slightly different to regular mobs. For example, it is more common for the Skull Champion to clip the ground than regular mobs.
    • The Skull Champion can also tower over some bosses such as King Cherrycake.
  • First zombie in R2DA that plays music when spawned.
    • The Tank in R2D would also play music when it spawned.
  • As of v1.4.2, dying as a Skull Champion has a high chance of crashing your Roblox client.
    • This can also forcefully happen if you are lagging.
  • The Skull Champion has been known to send zombies and survivors flying at alarming speeds when getting stepped on.
  • During Debug, the Axe would instantly kill anyone that touched it.
    • This used to teamkill zombies in Debug.
  • The first playable zombie that cannot relocate.
  • If you listen closely, you can hear sounds from the Skull Champion.
  • Before v1.4.3, jumping as a Skull Champion used 50 energy, instead of 20.
  • Second controllable mob to be immune to Pipebombs, the first being the Leaper.
  • An assist reward was added for the defeating the Skull Champion in v1.4.4.
  • Though not very noticeable, the Skull Champion uses the R15 rig for its legs.
    • This makes it the second R15 mob after the Elemental.
  • The Axe can be found in the ROBLOX catalog as the Enchanted Axe.
  • The helmet worn by the Skull Champion is a re-textured version of the Corinthian Guard Helmet.