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"Full auto, decent damage, more ammo and rather featherweighted for all your killing needs. Don't get too happy with it though, because the fun lasts a second or two if you don't let go of the trigger. I learned that the hard, hard way..."



The Skorpion (specifically the Škorpion vz. 61) is a Czechoslovakian machine pistol that does a hefty amount of damage, but chews through ammo extremely quickly. It's very inaccurate, and has a huge amount of spread. Using the semi-auto mode at close range is probably your best bet. Although you can fully unload and usually get one or two zombie kills, conserving your ammo is key with this weapon.

Background Story

The first machine pistol in the history of the SANI Virus. During the early stages of the outbreak, new recruits would always use the Uzi as a cheap, decent weapon. After the fall of the infection, the Uzi was now weak to the new zombies of the SANI Virus, so L-Brain Sidework quickly created the Skorpion. With massive spread but high fire rate, most didn't appreciate it. Many survivors detest this weapon, but it was one of the many weapons needed to combat the new apocalypse.


  • It's best to get as many headshots on zombies with this, since it can lead to instakills.
  • Because of its absurd rate of fire, running out of ammo is unbearably common. Bringing vests that increase ammo, like the Bulldozer I or Tactical II, is recommended.
  • After the rework of this gun's accuracy, it's advised to use this in close quarter combat while full auto, as it has fairly low accuracy.
  • Don't go all trigger happy rainbow funtime while using this. Conserve ammo and only fire when you are sure you can kill a zombie.
    • Using the semi-auto firing mode can help this.
  • Shoot the gun in small bursts or using semi-auto mode is recommended for conserving ammo.
  • Buy the attachments to further increase range and accuracy.


  • The second machine pistol, first being the M93R.
  • The second mesh-based gun to be ever added in R2DA.
    • The first permanent mesh gun to be added to R2DA.
    • This was the first custom-made meshed gun in R2DA or the R2D series.
    • It was meant to be CSG until custom meshes came, so the Skorpion became meshed.
      • If CSG weapons were still being used, the Skorpion's model would have been created by Zevei.
  • Various changes have been implemented since the Skorpion was released:
    • The Skorpion used to have a burst firing mode, but it was then removed.
    • When it was released, this weapon costed 14,000$.
    • The accuracy used to be 70.
    • Before v0.9.4, this could only deal 20 damage per bullet before it was buffed to 23.
      • The Skorpion used to hold the place of having the lowest amount of damage with 23.
      • At v0.9.7, this was bested by the Spas-12 with a lowered damage of now 22.
        • The FAMAS used to also share the record of lowest damage, but received a buff in v1.0.0a to match the Skorpion's damage.
  • The accuracy is increased if toggled on semi-firing mode.
  • The first weapon with 1500 RPM, the second being the Minigun.
  • This gun has a theoretical DPS of 575 but its magazine of 10 bullets is too low to allow this.
  • Previously, you had to own a M93R to buy a Skorpion.
  • The Skorpion, in real life, actually has a 20 round magazine instead of the 15 seen in-game.