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|image1 = Skorpion-0.png
|image1 = Skorpion-0.png
|type = Primary SMG
|type = Primary SMG
|price = $9,500
|price = 9,500$
|require = Rank 7
|require = Rank 7
|damage = 20 (~300 DPS)
|damage = 20 (~300 DPS)

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"Full auto, decent damage, more ammo and rather featherweighted for all your killing needs. Don't get too happy with it though, because the fun lasts a second or two if you don't let go of the trigger. I learned that the hard, hard way..."


The Skorpion (specifically the Škorpion vz. 61) is a machine pistol and is well known around the world for its iconic fire rate. This machine pistol fires so fast that it creates a buzzing sound similar to a bee. It is also designed to be carried like a pistol or a holster, making it an efficient, small, and powerful weapon. This weapon would be perfect, except for one thing: it didn't empties the clip with the blink of an eye. Humorous survivors commonly use it for magic tricks, pretending to make bullets "disappear" by snapping their fingers.


  • It is best to get as many headshots on zombies with this, since it can lead to instakills.
  • Because of it's absurd rate of fire, running out of ammo is unbearably common. Bringing the Bulldozer I armor is recommended because it has a special feature to bring extra magazine clips.
  • After the rework of accuracy, it is advised to use this in CQC (Close Quarters Combat) while full auto, as it has fairly low accuracy.
  • Don't go all trigger happy rainbow funtime on this. Conserve ammo and only fire when you are sure to kill a zombie.
  • Buying attachments is not recommended, as the two light attachments do nothing. Additionally, the Shoulderpad adds a mere 10 studs in range.


  • This weapon is manufactured by R-Brain Hardwork.
  • The first submachine gun to be ever added in R2DA.
  • The second mesh-based gun to be ever added in R2DA.
  • It has three firing modes: semi, burst and auto.
  • Its accuracy is increased if toggled on semi-firing mode.
  • It has the same fire-rate as the Minigun.
  • The first permanent mesh gun to be added to R2DA.
  • This weapon was created from Czechoslovakia in 1959 (during the Cold War).
  • The Skorpion also has another variant known as the Scorpion EVO 3 (which isn't released in the game).
  • This gun has a theoretical DPS of 500, but it's magazine is 10 bullets short to support this DPS.


R2D-Skorp Demonstration

R2D-Skorp Demonstration.4 Skoprion Accuracy Demonstartion

A demostration of the Skorpion machine pistol.

A demonstration of the accuracy of the Skorpion machine pistol.

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