Single Player is like Default and Apocalypse, but with a twist. You are the only one in the server with tons of AI Zombies spawning overtime trying to stop you in your tracks.

This Universe is the best to test out Strategies, Weapons, Items, etc.



  • If you Modcall, moderators can still visit your server, even if the player limit is one.
  • When a server is created in this Universe, the first map is Foxriver Prison.
    • Foxriver Prison ran on until v1.0.6, where it was then replaced with Café County as the first map.
    • In v1.2.9, the first map was changed to Blox Harbor.
  • As of v1.2.0, only 5 zombies spawn, if you are on your own, and the only map that can be played is Campfire Chaos.
    • This was most likely a bug and was fixed in v1.2.0 where all other maps were added back.
      • In v1.2.1, the zombie limit increased from 5 to 22.


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