"On paper, it sounds quiet good, but when you realise that name tags give you away anyways, it kinda loses its charm"


The Silencer is an attachment that can help improve the SCAR-H accuracy for the price of range.

Background Story

Silencers add a touch of customisability, accuracy and ... silence to guns.

Strange why they're only available for a single weapon, though.


  • Use this to add accuracy to the SCAR-H at a cost of range.
    • This is advisable as range is something the SCAR-H has in abundance.
  • Use the SCAR-H like any other weapon, sound doesn't matter.
    • It should be noted, the sound does change with the Silencer equipped.
  • The Lasersight grants greater accuracy with no negative effects.
    • Only consider buying the Silencer if you cannot afford the Lasersight.



  • v1.3.9
    • Accuracy increased from +25 to +30.

  • Very similar to the K5 Silencer with the only difference being 10 more accuracy bonus and the texture looking different.

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