"Why is it named Sight Marker? we will never know."


Sight Marker is one of the six prominent skin series in R2DA that can be found within Skincrates.

It mainly features the colour palette of light blue and dark grey.


  • This may be based off the Male Wii Trainer.
  • Unlike the other four skins, Sight Marker and Trainee have no correlation with their colours and their names.
Steyr M - Sight Marker CPSM M9Sight Dbf42cbe14939508ac62ac164e22ef49 SSM C38aefe79f48cfaf99ad9b1b39e3d07a
Steyr M Colt Python M93R DB Shotgun Skorpion Remington 700
DS WSight MSight MSM Spas - Sight Marker TSight
Dragunov Wingmaster 870 M16A1 Minigun Spas-12 M1A1 Thompson
AK47 - Sight Marker CSSM NewBarretSM RPGS Bat SGT FSM
AK-47 CK Swat Barrett 50 Cal. RPG Baseball Bat Famas
M249 - Sight Marker Uzi-Sight-Marker MK - SM 9d85e0f41555a36188cb80fa0914bd78 Tinpot20sightmarker 53f25ec665b626d2f3adcaddce6baaa2
M249 Mini Uzis HK416 Shotty 12 Tinpot Flamethrower
Luger P08 - Sightmarker
P90 - Sight Marker
Karambit - Sight Marker
Fireaxe - Sight Marker
SCAR-H Luger P08 P90 Karambit Axe

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