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"Only true scavengers and survivalists can use such a mighty weapon in an Apocalypse."


The Shovel is a useful weapon, granting an upgrade to the normal punch and kick. While it may not the biggest upgrade, it's still an upgrade nonetheless. Its damage is negligible, but it still shaves off about one shot from most zombies. Note that this weapon seems weak, but remember that it stuns two zombies at a time.

Background Story

Before the apocalypse, Shovels were quite common in most households due to them being multi-purpose tools. Nowadays, they are still multi-purpose tools, but can also give some zombies concussions, stunning them for a few seconds. L-Brain Sidework realised the simple and famous Shovel was the perfect weapon for getting zombies away from you and so they sent scavengers out to find old Shovels and refurbished them for other survivors usage.


  • Use this to mainly stun zombies.
    • The high energy consumption and low damage does not make it a reliable melee to kill.
      • You need four hits to kill a single regular zombie and even then this takes up a large portion of your stamina.
    • Since this can hit two zombies at once, you can easily buy yourself some time to run away.
  • Use this weapon to shove zombies away from objectives in Capture the Base.
  • If you think you can wait and save another $3,000 for the Axe, go ahead and wait. The Axe's stats are far superior to the Shovel's and worth the extra money.
    • That said, you still have to wait until Rank 5 for it.
  • This is a very good melee in Melee Smash due to the long length of the Shovel.
    • The push effect is great for scoring easy kills on the edges of maps such as Bouri Rig 71 and Café County.
      • However, you will not receive kill credit and none of the reward money from environmental kills.
  • The attack animations are a three-hit combo: the first one is a downward swing, the second a swing from right to left, and the third is a stab.


  • Cheap
  • Trip
  • Knockback
  • Low Ranked
  • Multi Hit


  • Slow Swing Rate
  • High Energy Usage



  • v0.9.4
    • Energy changed from 15 to 13.
    • Price changed from 3,500$ to 500$.
  • v1.3.9
    • Damage changed from 25 to 35.

  • This is a returning weapon from the original release of R2D, all the way back in 2008.
    • In R2D, when survivors first spawned into Buried Alive, Shovels were granted to everyone. Their purpose was to dig out and exit the cave.
  • Formerly used the most amount of energy out of all melees when it consumed 15.
  • With the price reduction from 3,500$ to 500$ in v0.9.4, this was officially the cheapest weapon in R2DA.
    • It will also be the cheapest weapon since the days of the Kalashnikova.
    • This record was taken by the Tinpot with its $250 pricetag after being introduced in v1.0.4.
  • The shovel mesh makes a cameo appearance in various maps such as Farmhouse, Zero Kelvin Station and Toy Factory.