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"You know PR logic really kicked in on this one when you have to pay to unfold the built in shoulderpad "


The Shoulderpad is a skeleton stock attachment that is equipped with the Skorpion machine pistol. This attachment has the advantage to add a small bonus of range and accuracy. No Skorpion is special without it.

Background Story

The Skorpion was, by itself, considered an inaccurate and, overall, poor weapon by many. However, after a few attachments were released to help mitigate the Skorpion's issues, it became a decent, if not great weapon.

The Shoulderpad was one of these attachments and the first to be released. While some question why it took 500$ to fold out a skeleton stock, the instructions to fold it out were in Czech. To help pay for the translation of the user manual, this attachment was charged at a cost.


  • This adds +10 range and +15 accuracy which is useful to alleviate the Skorpion's pitiful accuracy.
  • Pair the Shoulderpad with either the Fenix PD35 or the Lazex 2AA to further increase range or accuracy.
    • However, this should be gotten first due to its low cost and high benefits.



  • v0.9.6
    • Accuracy increased from +0 to +15.

  • The attachment is a skeleton stock from the Skorpion.
  • This attachment can be seen on the weapon if you don't have this attachment in the first place.
    • It is visible on the Skorpion prior to it being equipped, leading some to question why you need to pay 500$ just to fold it out.
  • Not to be confused with the UTAH-23, another shoulder attachment for the M4A1.