"The range is so small this quote won't fi-"


A basic short-ranged shotgun. To be feared at close range. To be made fun of at medium range.

Background Story

Shotguns are simple weapons. This one is no exception. The power of shotguns to decimate the undead is something all survivors appreciate. No other gun has the aptitude for such close-range destruction, and all shotguns are reliable for veterans and beginners alike.

The Shotty-12 adds much-needed versatility to the survivor's arsenal of these shell-firing behemoths, making it slightly different from its brethren in that it has far less weight and size. R-Brain Hardwork does like the motto of "If it's not broken, don't fix it".


  • It's good to get up and personal with this weapon.
  • Due to short range and poor accuracy, use a reliable long-range secondary such as the Luger P08.
  • This shotgun is great at close range, decent at mid-range, and essentially unusable at long range.
  • The Shotty 12 can one shot every type of zombie (except the Brute) if all pellets connect.
  • This can easily defeat a Brute and even a Charged Brute if you can get close enough.
    • An Ice Gun is recommended if you want to do this.
  • You cannot ADS with this as it is hipfire only.
  • If you like to bring shotguns to bosses, use this gun as it does the most total damage for all shotguns.
    • Be warned, the range may hinder the use of this.
    • This is one of the best shotguns in Free For All due to the high damage.
  • Armors that give ammo will give three times as much as normal. For example, the Tactical I will supply 3 extra shells.
  • This has no shooting cooldown when reloading from an Ammo Station.
    • Use this to your advantage to minimise downtime in Boss rounds.


  • High DPS
  • Quick Reload
  • Very High Damage
  • Very High Total Damage


  • No Attachments
  • Low Accuracy
  • Short Range



  • v1.2.0
    • Accuracy changed from 8 to 18.

  • Looks somewhat similar to a Wingmaster 870 shortened and equipped with a Silverback skin.
    • You can imagine this as the reincarnation of the Shotgun from R2D 2014.
  • Modelled after a Serbu Super-Shorty with a Remington 870 receiver.
  • The Shotty 12 has the second highest theoretical damage per shot in the game at 360 and is only beaten by the RPG.
  • This has its own running animation; the only primary to have so.
  • Its appearance is very similar from Team Fortress 2 where the Heavy, Soldier, Pyro and Engineer all have a default shotgun with a shortened barrel and no stock that is fired from the torso.
  • The first ever in-game picture of the Shotty 12 was a Tweet from PlaceRebuilder with scott1333 saying Pew Pew in King Cherrycake's Quest.


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