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Shoot'em Up Town

"Isn't it ironic that you're shooting zombies in a town called Shoot'em Up town?"


Shoot'em Up Town is a bright, cartoon styled town. Complete with a movie theatre, restaurants, houses and more.

Background Story

Even if they were a little behind the times, everyone who lived in this town believed it added to the charm. Their sole "modern" addition to their quaint little city was a speedy mono-rail, which got everyone around this tiny town quite smoothly.

Needless to say, their outdated technologies were no match for the modern zombie.

It's a ghost town now.


Survivors spawn near a train station and a statue.

Behind you stands a residential area. A large school which can be climbed and a neighbourhood resides there.

Crossing the bridge, a warehouse is to your right, followed by two apartment buildings. A police station can be seen right after.

Going down the street, a movie theatre can be seen on your left with various restaurants dotting the left side. More apartment buildings are on your right, but a lot more restaurants can be seen in the distance.

A parking lot is also behind the movie theatre.


  • It's best to stay away from the edges of the map. There are spawnpoints nearby and Diggers can trip you.
    • The same also applies for camping on buildings.
  • Some parkour on the roof can make for an easy escape from an incoming horde.
  • Use the High Speed Train to escape zombies or easily get around town.
  • Use small, cramped areas as an opportunity to use a grenade or fire a round from your M202. For example, the back alleys.
    • Keep a safe distance if you're doing so.
  • The train may be too fast. Make sure to be careful when it turns the corners, as you might get thrown off the map.
  • Using a sniper like the Barrett 50 Cal. or Dragunov can help on this map since it is quite big.
  • If a Skull Champion spawns, you can easily climb a tower to avoid them.


  • The map's design is based on the "Shoot 'em Up" genre of games from the 1990s.
  • This is the second city map in R2DA, with the first being 1930's Kingstreet.
  • At the side of the movie theatre, there are 5 movie posters.
  • Originally this map had a bloom effect, similar to the Boost Status Effect.
    • This effect has been removed for unknown reasons.
  • You can interact with the train station's "bell" by touching it. It makes a ringing sound when interacted with.
    • It can also be rung by striking it with an object such as a body or a thrown Rambo Knife.
    • Currently this feature doesn't work for unknown reasons.
  • So far, this is the only map to use water that isn't terrain.
  • The Rescue timer on this map is 10 minutes, making playing a Rescue round for this map similar to a Survival round.
    • This was changed in v1.5.2b, where the time limit was reduced to 3 minutes.