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This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"This is one of those Frost Golumn's personnel,
They hit hard with lazers, and resembles a shell.
It is very recommended to hit them first
Or you'll find yourself in a dilemma at worst."


The Shell is an event mob for the 2018 Christmas Event. It is a drone that can shoot lasers. This is spawned in by the Frost Golumn.

Background Story

Even the Frost Golumn knew of the worlds' supplies. Bought from China, he planned to ship a few dozen of these to his Antarctic base. Unfortunately, the ship never returned.

It was later discovered the ship had stockpiles of laser producing organisms. These were fused together with the metal balls to create a deadly minion.


  • Hard hitting weapons such as the FATAL5 and Barrett 50 Cal. are recommended for this mob.
    • They are small, so accurate weapons are recommended.
      • The M202 and RPG are not recommended for this mob due to the fact they spawn in mid-air, meaning the projectile is unlikely to hit.
      • Though the splash damage of RPG can be enough to destroy them, this is usually done whenever they first come out or is near the Frost Golumn.
    • Pumpkin Bot is also recommended due to the aimbot provided.
    • If you want to have an primary automatic for the Frost Golumn, then the Peacemaker or Luger P08 are recommended for the Shells.
  • Constant movement is needed for these mobs.
    • Idle camping will mean you will almost always get hit by the lasers.
    • The lasers it shoots can also penetrate survivors. A large cluster will result in all of you getting injured.
  • You do not need to attack them when they are firing lasers or aim at their eye. Shooting anywhere, at any time, will damage them.


  • Second robotic mob, first being the Drone.
  • Second free-flying mob, with the first being Boo.
  • The Shell resembles the Probe enemy from the 2D, pixelated-graphics survival-sandbox game by Re-Logic, Terraria.
  • The Shell's firing sound is similar to that of the FATAL5.