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"Where's the teenage mutant ninja turtles when you need them."


Sewers is an remake map from R2D. As the name suggests, the map takes place in a labyrinthine sewage facility located in a forest.

Background Story

Trudging through dark alleyways, cutting through forests and even seeking refuge on deserted islands always seems to end up in disaster - but sometimes, under rare circumstances, the possibility of travelling below ground opens up. Subways, however, are often quite infested with infected, but what about the sewer systems? What are the chances of finding Brutes roaming the smelly, hard-to-access underground labyrinths?

Quite high, apparently.


The Sewers is a map that consists of two sections, Sectors 1 and 2, which are connected by several pathways. Between the two sectors are two hallways, a lower and a higher hallway. The lower section can be directly accessed by a door gate that cannot be broken, or by hallways connecting the two sections to the main hallway. Several other smaller sewage systems branch out from the sectors. The zombie spawns are often heavily camped by survivors.

Survivors spawn in the open-air part of the sewers. Here, there are three control pads: two for the gates leading into the sewers and one for the lift going out of the sewers. Using this lift will make you reach the field in which the sewers is situated below. The field is relatively flat with one container holding the Telephone for the Campaign. A few trees are also seen.


  • Don't be afraid to swim on this map, it will not harm you in any way whatsoever.
    • Although be careful, there is a possibility of drowning.
  • The map is very complicated and hard to memorise.
    • In general, to reach the surface, once you reach one of the sectors, you must go to water level and rotate round the gates.
    • There is also a vent leading to the spawnpoint from Sector 2.
  • To get into the sewer complex, you need to touch the switch near the elevator buttons which will raise the gate.
  • Due to the enclosed nature of the map, and the chance for zombies to surprise attack you, the Flamethrower and suitable melees, such as the Katana, are recommended.
  • Survivors spawn below the mouth of the sewers.
    • Without a Jetpack or Duck Mount, you can either use the lever that activates the elevator at the bottom of the hole to reach the surface.
      • You can also use a Boosterpad, instead of the elevator, by placing it underneath the pipes and jumping up onto the ledge and the two pipes.
        • However, this will allow zombies to get up to the surface with relative ease.
    • The elevator is a major choke-point, be wary of zombies.
    • In Campaign, the Tag Objective in the In-Game Store is very useful for finding the generators, Supplies and Flare.
  • The map is quite dark, use the flashlight by pressing "X".
  • Diggers cannot dig on this map.


  • Returning to R2DA from R2D 2014.
  • Named "Underground Sewers" in-game.
  • The elevator in this map also appears in No Mercy Hospital.