"With such stamina and unlimited energy-giving items, you'll be a slashing, bashing, hitting, hacking, dashing, amazing, gorgeous, barbaric, undefeatable, unstoppable force"


A beefed up version of the Tactical II vest with extra kevlar padding and extra places to hold ammo. Unlike the heavy armor on the Tactical II, this armor is relatively light which allows for enhanced stamina.

Background Story

Although the two sets of Bulldozer armour were well received, there were numerous complaints about weight and bulkiness. The military decided to create an armor that was light, durable, and easy to use, leading to the creation of the Scout armour. In the months following its initial release, there was a massive increase in the amount of resources available to survivors, as it made supply runs much safer and efficient, making it a definite success.


  • Included Ammo
  • Significant Increase In Energy
  • Some Health


  • No Resistances
  • Expensive
  • High Ranked


  • This armor is best used when you have melees with multiple swings, high max hits or high damage output.
    • This armor is also effective for those who want to run away from a bad situation.
    • Large maps, such as Last Harvest, is where this armor truly shines due to the large expanse you can run into.
  • Very useful in Quest due to the high stamina boost.
  • Even though you have double the energy of a regular survivor, don't think you have unlimited stamina.


  • Gives the highest amount of stamina from an armor in-game.

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