The SCAR-H (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle - Heavy) is a battle rifle. It contains all three firing modes and has decent range for an automatic. Be warned, total damage isn't up to standard.

Background Story

The SCAR-H, previously a military replacement for the SCAR-L in many countries, is simply a reliable, modern and deadly 7.62x51mm NATO calibre rifle. Also, yes, you may not like the fact that all R-Brain Hardwork seems to be releasing nowadays are military standard weapons, but if you think about it, they didn’t have much of a choice.

Most rifles used by worldwide militaries have proven to be reliable, not too expensive to manufacture, and most importantly, lightweight. This makes virtually all weapons, that were in use by the military prior to society's downfall, good choices for a new product.

As always, however, R-Brain Hardwork's knock-off rendition of the rifle will certainly have many modifications. Models have been released.


  • Considering the fact that this weapon has all three firing modes and plentiful attachments that affect its performance. The SCAR-H can be considered the most flexible weapon in the game.
  • The weakness of this weapon is hoard control. Try to stay out of trouble with a gang of zombies.
  • Switch to semi-firing mode to conserve ammunition when engaging normal zombies.
    • Semi-firing mode is more accurate than burst or auto, and in the long run, it saves you more ammo.
    • If you have a quick trigger finger, crouch and ADS for the best results.
    • Press "V" to change firing modes.
  • A quick dispatch of burst mode will kill AI Zombies and Normal Zombies, without any upgrading, if three bullets hit.
    • Headshots are key to this weapon. The high accuracy will allow you to swiftly kill zombies, so long your aim is on par.
    • Use the automatic mode for high health zombies such as the Ticker or Brute.
  • Optimisation is key here with many Attachments.
    • With the Holosight, this weapon is a good mid-range sniper.
      • Be wary of the accuracy and recoil. Use the Silencer or Lasersight to increase accuracy. Crouch and use semi-auto mode to toggle accuracy.
    • The Vortex Viper 30mm and LP Hawkview are only good in maps with a vast expanse of space. Close quarter fighting is not recommended with these attachments, although the Vortex Viper 30mm gives a decent amount of accuracy.
      • The LP Hawkview is good for dark maps such as No Mercy. Keep on zooming out to get an expanse on your surroundings.
      • The Vortex Viper 30mm has no recoil while shooting. It will most likely be the accuracy that will let you down.
    • Only equip the Ironsights if you cannot afford the LP Hawkview or Holosight.
    • The Silencer is inferior to the Lasersight in all senses. Only equip it if you cannot afford the Lasersight.
    • The Extended Mags can be used to increase bullet capacity, although you cannot have either the Lasersight or Silencer with this equipped.
      • Use this in maps where accuracy does not matter such as Boss maps.
  • Normal Brutes are decimated in one magazine with this weapon. The range also makes it viable to fight at medium range.
    • Charged Brutes are killed with the full ammunition, but try not to engage one without support.
  • Diggers, Leapers and Elementals are easily wiped out with this weapon.
    • For Edgars, use your secondary, if you have a suitable one.


  • High DPS
  • High Total Damage
  • High Damage per Magazine
  • High Magazine Ammo
  • High Rate of Fire
  • Plenty of Attachments
  • Three Firing Modes
  • Automatic


  • Expensive
  • High Ranked



  • v1.3.1
    • Damage changed from 40 to 45.

  • This is the first battle rifle to ever be added in R2DA.
  • The SCAR-H's model is similar to the HK416.
  • Originally, the SCAR-H did not have the black parts on the model as seen in this picture.
    • This was changed because some people thought that it looked unpleasing.
  • A real standard issue SCAR-H is fed with 20 round magazines, however the SCAR-H in R2DA uses 32 round magazines.
  • After the addition of the SCAR-H, R2DA has either the exact gun or the equivalent of every gun found in Left 4 Dead 2, one of R2D's biggest inspirations.
  • The SCAR-H is the first weapon to be able to use all 3 firing modes.

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