"Heaven sandwiched between two crackers. Hopefully you don't mind the messiness."


The S'more is a classic camping snack, used as a delicious snack! This is also very good in-game, as it can heal you anytime you are low by 35 health! In addition, it only costs 5 Tickets.

Background Story

The story was simple. A survivor raided some leftover luggage from Campfire Chaos and found some crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. Some memories came back to the survivor. The years before where it would be long summer nights, making these, sleeping under the stars, and just having fun. Those days however were long gone. Over a remaining fire, he roasted some marshmallows while the other survivors were pushing fuel towards the landing spot. Eventually he finally created the S'more but his time of enjoyment would soon be over. Almost taking a bite out of the S'more, an Edgar sideswiped it and ended up eating it. For the fact that you haven't eaten something you loved so long ago, you could imagine the survivor was pretty triggered. He ended up brutalizing the Edgar. Eventually, a private jet arrived and was getting refilled. Remembering he still had some left over food, he quickly ran to the jet where it eventually took off. While on the jet, he described the feelings he had to the remaining survivors. Most of the survivors agreed with him, so they had one idea in mind, mass production of these goods. The survivors headed down to Hellish Night where mass production of S'more necessities were created. You wouldn't say you haven't lived without a S'more, that is if you're allergic, but who says you can't re-experience your past? 


  • Use this when you're very low and don't waste it.
  • It is better to use this rather than the Cake since this grants 5 more health than the Cake.


  • Based off of the classic campfire snack, the "S'mores".
    • In-game, it's not plural but in reality, it's mainly plural.
  • Similar to Cake but grants 5 extra health.
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