"Good colors, Horrible look!"


Royal Thunder is one of the six prominent skin series in R2DA that can be found within Skincrates.

It mainly features the colour palette of purple and yellow. These colours are usually associated with royalty, thus the name Royal Thunder.

Steyr M - Royal Thunder CPRT M9Royal 2c90d933898dfc5686ce6aeaffa1eee6 SRT Cb229153eea2e7ef87e9fb09d6f78c37
Steyr M Colt Python M93R DB Shotgun Skorpion Remington 700
DR WRoyal MRoyal MRT Spas - Royal Thunder TRoyal
Dragunov Wingmaster 870 M16A1 Minigun Spas-12 M1A1 Thompson
AK47 - Royal Thunder CSRT NewBarretGRT RPGR BAT RT FRT
AK-47 CK Swat Barrett 50 Cal. RPG Baseball Bat Famas
M249 - Royal Thunder Uzi-Royal-Thunder MK - RT (2) 328cbfb83f61f452a97adeeb4c939884 Tinpot20RoyalThunder F7fb1d59718df8d9da923a515d5e08b2
M249 Mini Uzis HK416 Shotty 12 Tinpot Flamethrower
Luger P08 - Royal Thunder
P90 - Royal Thunder
Karambit - Royal Thunder
Fireaxe - Royal Thunder
SCAR-H Luger P08 P90 Karambit Axe

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