"Why is there a rose in the sky you ask? Well you see, it ROSE from the ground."


A petal of a rose. This is used to build a rose in King Cherrycake's Quest. This is dropped by Cake Slices (and Cake Turrets, rarely) during the The Battle sequence of King Cherrycake's Quest.

Background Story

Such an unassuming item that one shouldn't probably look into too much. Why do the cakes drop it? How is this vital to our current objective? Better let others find out, because you certainly don't have time for this, with the massive cake just curb-stomping half of your team.


  • It is better to kill the Cake Turrets and Cannon Clouds as they do more damage to a team compared to the Cake Slices.
  • Do remember that not all Cake Slices drop this.
    • Sometimes, very rarely, the Cake Turret can drop this.
  • Magnets can be used to attract Rose Petals, helping aide the collection.
  • Collect all 16 petals to spawn a rose that you can ride on, which takes you to the next puzzle of the quest.


  • When you collect all 16 petals, the rose that appears actually has 21 petals on it.

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