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"Roses are red, violets are blue. This rose has a .45 Caliber thorn, that's pointed at you."


Rose is a one-off, premium skin for the Peacemaker. This can be found in the Premium Skincrate. Prior to v1.3.5, this could be found in Skincrates.

This skin mainly features a colour palette of red and black. A very literal rose can be seen engraved on the handle of the Peacemakers.


  • In v1.3.5, this was moved from being obtainable in Skincrates to being obtainable in Premium Skincrates.
  • This skin bears resemblance to the Vengeance skin.
    • However, while Vengeance has the same colour palette of black and red, Rose is unique in that it has the engraving of a rose on the handle.