"Hmm, let's see, what does this button do? Oh, fun!"
―Roman Torchwick


The Roman Candle is a good firework, with easy aim and being able to fire it without any problems (except being tripped if you aim it at yourself), In addition, it requires no rank and 25 Tickets.

Background Story

Even though the apocalypse ravaged through the entire world, people are still stupid enough to perform actions that will attract the dead. So what if you're having a gender reveal party? You should know all that noise and smoke is gonna attract unwanted attention.

I swear, some people never learn.

Regardless...the surplus of these Roman Candles has proved some use otherwise. They're good for temporarily stunning zombies as well as being a giant noise factor. Lure them in with the noise and the sound, and you're bound to turn what could be a bad situation into those few seconds you need to escape.


  • Roman Candle is a more useful Owonade as you can aim it like a weapon and fire it with ease.
    • This will still trip you so be careful where you point it.


  • Based of a firework called "Roman Candle".
    • Despite their name, Roman Candles did not originate from Ancient Rome or Italy.
  • Roman Candles in real life are 6 mm diameter for consumers and up to 8 cm diameter in professional fireworks displays.
  • The font used on Roman Candle is called "Soup of Justice" the same font they use on Firebox, the Reason 2 Die Awakening logo and many more.

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