This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"A mass of impossible evolutionary genes is charging at you! RUN AWAY!"


This was the boss for Christmas 2016.

PlaceRebuilder, while working on this boss, briefly scrapped this idea, and announced: "[IT'S] PAPA G. BREAD NOW." After a brief reconsideration, he changed his mind and scrapped Papa G. Bread.

Rhi-snow was then added due to the fact that it was the only alternative to Papa G. Bread. Rhi-snow has a variant health pool depending on the number of players joining the round.

The Rhi-snow lives in its territory, simply named, Rhi-snow Territory.

Background Story

Many rumours circulated throughout the wastelands, complexes, and outposts throughout the world that an evil would rise in winter.

After rigorous exploring and weeks spent searching, the rumours were assumed to be no more than mere fiction, but a dedicated team confirmed its existence. Survivors have found the one of the rarest, dangerous species on Earth: the Rhi-snow. A rhino with a hide of hardened ice and the power of 50 men.


  • 1,000 EXP
  • Tickets upon the area in where the Rhi-snow died.
  • "Won Christmas Event 2016" Badge.
  • Chests (amount depending on those still alive) which may contain:


  • You will be stunned and damaged simply by touching the horn, so try to avoid his face.
  • Avoid Ice Tornadoes whenever possible, as it can toss you right in front of Rhi-snow.
  • Avoid Ground Pound at any cost as getting hit directly or getting caught in the blast will instantly kill anyone without the proper equipment.
    • Ground Pound can still affect you in the air, so watch out.
  • Use any weapon that deals more damage overall.
    • The Thompson is recommended with Bulldozer armour.
    • The Flamethrower would logically most likely be the most effective against this boss, as the Rhi-snow is ice after all.
  • Some Pills, a Medkit, a Molotov, or a Grenade should be helpful in fighting this behemoth.
  • If you are stuck underneath the boss, simply crouch to wiggle out of there.
    • Doing this will have a greater chance of you not being flung.
  • Until v0.9.0, It was possible to use the Defibrillator to send Rhi-snow flying with a chance of it flying off the map and into the void entirely, causing a win.
    • If not successful, Rhi-snow would teleport back to the centre of the map mostly as if nothing had happened.


  • This is the second Christmas Boss to be added to R2DA, and the third boss to be developed as an animal.
  • The Rhi-snow was the first cut element to be reintroduced back into R2DA.
  • In general, this boss is very similar to the Yeti in the Christmas 2015.
  • Its name is a portmanteau of "Rhino" and "Snow".
  • When defeated, an odd visual bug would occur in which the Winscreen would flash and both the old and the new "Victory!" text would appear without anyone being teleported.
  • Rhi-snow has the largest health pool when released, but Lord Pumpkin Jr. easily beats it before he was nerfed.
  • Like the King Crab boss, the max health depends on the amount of players in the round.
    • The base value for this Boss is 100,000, raising by 10,000 for each player in the round.
      • If you're into math, the formula is $ y = 10,000x + 100,000 $, with $ x $ representing the amount of players in the round, and $ y $ representing the total HP of Rhi-snow.
  • A statue of Rhi-Snow appears in Zero Kelvin Station.


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